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People Are Sharing Incredible Transformation Photos Under The #BlackHairChallenge Hashtag

TFW your switch-up game is too damn strong.

Which is why 21-year-old Miranda Morowa recently kicked off the powerful #BlackHairChallenge hashtag on her motivational Twitter account MelaninMamis.

@melaninmamis / Via Twitter: @melaninmamis

“I love seeing carefree black women embrace their beauty, no matter what negative vibes are thrown at them,” Miranda told BuzzFeed. “We can pull off numerous looks and still slay. This hashtag bleeds so much confidence, love and good vibes. From kinks to curls, we’re all beautiful and powerful.”

The hashtag started trending as people promptly came through with the crisp receipts, confirming that the black hair switch-up game is, in fact, unrivaled.


I mean, here’s this beauty rocking 13 ridiculously intricate and stunning hairstyles. Twist-outs, crochet braids, AND bantu knots, just to name a few.


People are shutting down negative stereotypes and misconceptions about black hair that have lead to school suspension and unemployment.


It's also acknowledging the incredibly imaginative, gifted and resourceful AF black people responsible for creating these complex works of art.

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