19 Graduation Photos That'll Make You Say "DAMN! I Love Me Some Us!!!"

    Dope and degreed!

    1. This whole entire photo is a BIG mood.

    2. The real world? Bring it on!!!

    3. Graduation gown for what? We're wearing furs over here!

    4. TFW your smile's as bright as your future.

    5. I call this one "CBG": Carefree Black Graduate.

    6. Can't nobody hold him back...

    7. ...And can't nobody knock her down!!!

    8. What's better than one graduate? Two!!!

    9. Especially if they're from the same hue as you...

    10. ...And the same brotherhood.

    11. Let's not forget about the loved ones who held you down while you leveled up.

    12. Like this mom who had her baby's back the whole time, graduation day included...

    13. ...Or this ADORABLE son who followed in his mama's footsteps.

    14. You did it for them, but most importantly you did it for YOU!

    15. So, in the words of her royal Black Panther badness Queen Ramonda...

    16. ...It's time to show them who you are!!!

    17. Because the world's ready for all of your passion, your talents, and your excellence.

    18. CONGRATS CLASS OF 2018!!!!!!!!!

    19. The world will never be the same.

    Now go forth and be great like this little queen here: