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From One Brown Person To Another, What's Your Favorite Sunscreen?

What's the best sunscreen for black and brown skin? #nomorewhitecast

CURRENTLY SEEKING: a sunscreen that protects brown skin without making us look like old boy from that one Atlanta episode. Is that too much to ask for?!

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Contrary to popular belief, excessive sun exposure does pose a risk of skin damage to people with dark skin. And although the rates of skin cancer are much higher for people with light skin, us melanated folks are also susceptible to skin cancer (this in-depth explainer breaks it all down.) FYI, wearing sunscreen is also the easiest, safest, and cheapest ways to reduce hyperpigmentation, so issa WIN WIN.

Well maybe you've already got the answers. Do you swear by Unsun Cosmetics Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen for a non-white cast complexion?

Do you stan for Black Girl Sunscreen's moisturizing formula and its hella FUBU name?

Or are you all about the clean look and watergel feel of Glossier Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen?

Tell us in the comments below: what's your go-to sunscreen that keeps your melanin poppin AND protected? We're talking NO white reside, NO dryness, and NO greasiness. Feel free to include a photo of yourself wearing the sunscreen because we need RECEIPTS!

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