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Ashley Graham Didn't Photoshop Her Swimsuit Campaign And It's Honestly The Most Relatable Thing Ever


Model Ashley Graham is known for many things, like being an actual goddess, making magazine history, and keeping it real on topics like body insecurities and white privilege.

Well Ashley recently partnered with Swimsuits For All to launch a collection of size-inclusive one pieces and bikinis. And being the real AF photoshoot slayer that she is, Ashley decided that the images for the collection's ad campaign should remain "unretouched" aka AS👏 IS👏.

"Introducing my latest @swimsuitsforall collection! We decided to use unedited paparazzi shots as the campaign images," the model wrote on Instagram. "Reminder: being authentic is beautiful."

The hella sexy collection features nine sickening styles, is available in sizes 4 to 22, and was inspired by the fab art deco era of the 1920's.

I don't even need to tell you that people were absolutely LIVING for this "no fucks given moment," but ICYWW:

So this story couldn't get any better, right? WRONG! During the shoot, Ashley ran into a group of friends who asked for a pic with the star...

...But instead of taking a simple selfie with the group, Ashley asked, "Should they be in the car you guys?" And judging from THIS screenshot...

...And THIS image, which actually ended up on the Swimsuits For All website, they mos DEF got into the car and took some bomb-ass photos!

Instagram user fuffa71 said it best: "This is THE ASHLEY GRAHAM BREAKER OF CEILINGS...MOTHER OF MODELS!!!!!! BOW DOWN!!!!"