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    This Badass Mom Slayed TF Outta Her Client's Hair While Balancing Her Daughter On Her Lap

    "A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do."

    Meet Melek Ustunluk of Clifton, New Jersey. She's a braiding wizard who runs a successful beauty shop and has celeb clients like Travis Scott and Allen "Cornrow King" Iverson. She's also a kickass mom who's literally mastered that whole work-life balance thing:

    "My mom normally watches my daughter Capella, but couldn't take care of her that day," Melek told BuzzFeed. "I couldn't cancel my appointments, so I decided to bring her with me."

    @mimisbraids / Via

    Apparently, the 15-month-old cutie is really shy and sometimes "only wants Mommy," so Melek asked her client if he'd mind if she held Capella while braiding his hair. "He was really cool about it," she said. "That's what I love about my clients. They understand that I'm a mom first and a business owner second."

    And in case you were wondering how the client's hair turned out...

    Melek Ustunluk / The Braid Shop

    Melek, you DID that.

    Melek posted the video on Instagram to "inspire other single mompreneurs out there" who are also balancing family and career every day.

    Melek Ustunluk

    "That's why I [wrote the] caption, 'Mom's got to do what a Mom's got to do'," she said. "Sometimes we may miss a few steps, but us mothers make sure we climb to the top. If you have a dream, keep working towards it and never let anyone or anything stop you."


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