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How Well Do You Remember These '90s Rom Coms?

Because don't you just love love?

  1. In Pretty Woman, what was Vivian Ward's profession?

    Youtube/Touchstone Pictures
  2. In Coming to America, where is Prince Akeem from?

    Youtube/Paramount Pictures
  3. In You've Got Mail, where did Kathleen and Joe meet?

    Youtube/Warner Bros.
  4. In The Best Man, what dance do the friends perform at Lance and Mia's wedding?

    Youtube/Universal Pictures
  5. In Clueless, what does Tai yell at Cher during their major blowup?

    Youtube/Paramount Pictures
  6. In Love Jones, what iconic line did Darius say to Nina in his spoken word performance?

    Youtube/New Line Cinema
  7. In Shakespeare in Love, how much money does Shakespeare win in his bet about love?

    Youtube/Miramax Films
  8. In 10 Things I Hate About You, what song does Kat rap before falling off a table into Patrick's arms?

    Youtube/Touchstone Pictures
  9. In Boomerang, what did Marcus tell his friends about Christie's feet?

    Youtube/Paramount Pictures
  10. In Never Been Kissed, what time deadline did Josie give Sam to meet her on the baseball field?

    Youtube/20th Century Fox