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44 Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Make You Say "Damn, I Love My People!"

"I know you didn't think a white girl made that shit up."


@aignee_love / Via

2. Please tell me how you copy & paste Jada and Pac. Two whole entire people. HOW?!?!

@therealredrobin / Via Instagram: @therealredrobin

3. Atlanta fans, ya'll already know Harrison Booth, the transracial icon.

@HurtMEEZYSoul / Via Twitter: @HurtMEEZYSoul

4. And let's not forget about Rachel, the woman who paved the way.

@unorthoLOX / Via Twitter: @unorthoLOX

5. Don't act like you didn't spend MONTHS learning the fire choreo to baby gurl's "Try Again" video.

@herapatra / Via Twitter: @herapatra

6. And I know for a FACT that Left Eye's historic "No Scrubs" verse is etched in your mind forever.

@SekiTonyy / Via Twitter: @SekiTonyy

7. Tag yourself in this classic Proud Family scene.

@ihtsJhane / Via Twitter: @ihtsJhane

8. You could go out as Garnet cuz she's actual factual #BlackGirlMagic.

@kieraplease / Via

9. Or you could dress up like your bougie cousins from Bel-Air.

http://@stephy.snaps / Via

10. Hilarious costume AND a box full of fresh fried chicken? *DJ Khaled voice* YOU SMART.

11. She's on the phone with 911 cuz her Bey costume slayed every damn body at the party.

@foreverflawlyss / Via Twitter: @foreverflawlyss

12. See those perfectly sectioned bantu knots à la Crazy Eyes? She's gonna have bomb next-day hair

@ariamurray23 / Via Twitter: @ariamurray23

13. Yes, that's a Birdman-Lil Wayne costume. And yes, that's a grown man giving his son a smooch. Respek the cuteness!!!

@BtSquared2 / Via Twitter: @BtSquared2

14. Before Lemonade, there was Bernie, the patron saint of black girls who've had it up to HERE with your sh*t.

@theshaderoom / Via

15. Love 'em or hate 'em, but don't ever say that Dipset didn't give bring the FAH-SUN.

@kinggoldchains / Via kinggoldchains

16. The nails, the lace fronts, the classic Sheneneh attitude! OHMAHGUUUDNEZZZ!!!

@baddietwinz / Via

17. Will the real Keesha Franklin please stand up?

@Zaaaym_SheBLACK / Via Twitter: @Zaaaym_SheBLACK

18. This Good Burger look is all the bestie goals that ever were.

19. *Calls Marvel Studios* Hello? Yes, I'd like to know why ya'll have yet to make an Ironheart film. #questionsthatneedanswers

@iron_riri / Via

20. TFW you're happy and unbothered cuz Roger finally went home.

@EspeciallyErin / Via Twitter: @EspeciallyErin_

21. Ya'll. My ovaries. SEND HALPPPP!!!

@urCHANCEsRslim / Via Twitter: @urCHANCEsRslim

22. Flawless, just like Ms. Norwood's anointed vocals.

@4everbrandy / Via

23. One word for this Jeffery-inspired costume: COMMITMENT.

@WhereIsShannonK / Via Twitter: @WhereIsShannonK

24. We need the Gerald spin-off, Nickelodeon. Make it happen.

@ItsYair / Via Twitter: @ItsYair

25. A Nia Long costume that's easy AND cute as hell? SIGN ME UP!

@ladyyym / Via Instagram: @ladyyym

26. What's goin' on? A flawless execution of this Marvin look, that's what!

@iamrichknight / Via

27. When the whole crew woke, but ya'll still wanna dress up. Solution? Black Panthers FTW.

@kellz3031 / Via

28. Okay, so help me figure this out. Is this Jidenna as The Game? The Game as Jidenna as himself? Jidenna as himself as The Game?

@jidenna / Via

29. This 21 Savage doppelganger got jokes, huh?

@keepinupwitmone / Via Twitter: @keepinupwitmone

30. OOOOUUUUUU!!! This Young M.A costume is 100-percent accurate.

@calis_angel / Via

31. This look is a 2-for-1: Reality TV star AND rap royalty. Yeah boiiiiiii!

@Zaaaym_SheBLACK / Via Twitter: @Zaaaym_SheBLACK

32. You see that mole? The striped collar? THE ROCAWEAR LOGO??? Precious' mama did not come to play with ya'll.

@NotEven_OneFck / Via Twitter: @NotEven_OneFck

33. There's levels to this Eazy-E costume.

@TredakidKir / Via Twitter: @TredakidKir

34. Introducing the legend who made Halloween poppin...

@freshkidnation / Via Twitter: @freshkidnation

35. ...And your fave's fave who legit redefined music videos with "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)".

@thecutlife / Via

36. Okay New New, we see you out here serving bawdy. But where is the sequel girl???

@bestofblackhalloween / Via

37. I will never believe that this is not Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones.

@nas / Via

38. Jerome's in the houuuuuuse! And by Jerome I mean King James.

@kingjames / Via

39. Homeboy's got Nino Brown's ice cold stare on lock.

@naimthydream / Via

40. Why be Dionne when you can be Kelly Rowland being Dionne?

@kellyrowland / Via

41. Or you could just recreate this Martin episode aka one of the best moments in TV history.

@theshaderoom / Via

42. Group costumes? I know you don't think a white girl made that shit up.

@king_me86 / Via

43. When you DON'T gotta costume, but you DO gotta bunch of hair clips like Solange.

@loveshereee / Via

44. Now ease on down the road to that Halloween party and get your LIFE!

My Natural Sistas / Via