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37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018

First of all, America.

1. Macaroni and cheese.

Why are y’all out here doing the most?! 😱🤦🏾‍♀️

Kalen Allen / Via

2. Protests.

WATCH: Apparently @KendallJenner and @pepsi have taken over Black Lives Matter. Not kidding.

3. K-pop.

Introducing EXP Edition -- the first K-pop group to be made up entirely of non-Koreans

4. Sneaker culture.

bella hadid talk like a undercover cop 😂

5. Makeup.

6. Trees.

7. And the United States of America.

8. The Oscars.

MOONLIGHT flashback. February 2017. #Oscars


9. The Grammys.

2013 - mumford over frank 2014 - daft punk over kendrick 2015 - beck over beyonce 2016 - taylor over kendrick 2017 - adele over beyonce 🤔🤔🤔


10. Migos's "Bad and Boujee."

@alexx_teague11 / Via Twitter: @alexx_teague11

11. Especially boujee.

12. And Quavo's name.

13. Kodak Black's "Tunnel Vision."

I had to see it so now y'all do too

Twitter: @fuckboybobby

14. 21 Savage's "Bank Account."

21 savage lets fan perform “bank account”

15. 2Pac's "California Love."

White People Ruin Everything...

16. Aminé's "Caroline."


17. Our national anthem.

View this video on YouTube

18. And our national dance.

RIP Swag Surf 2009-2017 Cause of death: Gentrification

19. The Milly Rock.

20. The Hit Dem Folks dance.

my sisters best friend was taking a video of herself dancing and dislocated her knee while hitting the folks. her b…

Via Twitter: @sophiachiari

21. I repeat: the Hit Dem Folks dance.

incase y'all need a new spin on classic dance moves, im an instructor😤 #HitIt

22. One more time for ya'll in the cheap seats: THE.HIT.DEM.FOLKS.DANCE.

Dawg.... even the cameraman is off beat

23. The #MaskOffChallenge.

View this video on YouTube

24. Any challenge really.

25. Car freestyles.

MixTape droppin this fall 💸@savannahx8

26. So basically hip-hop.

27. Classics, like Destiny's Child's "Say My Name"...

View this video on YouTube

Starts at 1:09.

28. ...the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song...

The #FreshPrince gone country! #iHeartCountry fest with @jakeowen

29. ...and Hidden Figures AND Fences.

"you're nominated for Hidden Fences"

30. #BlackGirlMagic.

31. Saying things like "YAAASSS queen!!!" and "Snatched my wig."

32. Joints.

33. Chopped cheese.

34. Childhoods.

Kid selling candy and an old lady comes up to the kids asking to see a business license

35. Identifying as Filipino.

Meet Ja Du. He's a 'transracial' man who was born white but identifies as Filipino.

36. Identifying as black.

View this video on YouTube

37. And googling "things white people ruin."

When we typed “white people ruin” into Google’s ad keyword tool, it suggested terms like “blacks destroy everything…

Via Twitter: @BuzzFeedNews

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