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    25 Reasons Why Makeup Artists Are Way Overpaid

    "Can you do $15? You can use my stuff. If not, I'll pass." —A reasonable client

    1. Makeup artists have the easiest and most glamorous jobs, IMHO.

    2. For one, they're swimming in dough.

    3. They have teeny-weeny operating costs because, let's be honest, they're only putting makeup on people.

    4. I mean, they only have to buy makeup, right?

    5. And makeup isn't thaaat expensive.

    6. Plus how much makeup do they even need to buy?

    7. Clients pretty much always have the same complexion, so it’s not like you have to buy multiple versions of one item.

    8. And there's definitely one true foundation match out there for EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

    9. At the end of the day, a red lip is a red lip, amirite?

    10. Even if the makeup does cost a pretty penny, it's made to last for a few years, at least.

    11. There's also the durability factor.

    12. Okay, okay. So there ARE some brushes required for the job, too.

    13. There's the eyeshadow brush, the eyebrow brush, the concealer brush, the face brush, and the lip brush. Am I forgetting one?

    14. Didn't think so.

    15. So you can imagine how little time they take to clean!

    16. TBH these makeup folks have it made in the shade because the natural look is totally trending right now.

    17. You know, the look that involves literally no makeup.

    18. Clients are usually pretty chill, too.

    19. Not like they're expecting a miracle.

    20. Or the impossible.

    21. And even though your job is THE easiest job ever, clients understand that it's how you make your living and treat it as such.

    22. Again, the makeup artist life is a glam one.

    23. And they definitely don't walk around looking like kindergartners who've been finger-painting all day.

    24. Did we mention that makeup artists' friends have the utmost respect for them as professionals?

    25. Same goes for their family members.

    ~SIGH~. To be living the dream.