23 People Share Their Big Chop Photos And They're Damn Inspirational

    "My hair is supposed to look like what I want it to look like, and this is it!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pics of their big chop and to tell us why they did it. Here are the inspirational results.

    1. This bad ass who let the barber do his thing.

    2. This blonde bombshell.

    3. This person who found love in a natural place.

    4. This person who closed one chapter to start another.

    5. This woman who knows she looks cute as hell (you're right, girl!)

    6. And this person who big chopped for her physical health.

    7. This person who decided to chop before she lost all her edges.

    8. This adorbz fashionista who was "over it".

    9. This dollface who has no regrets.

    10. This person who's giving a masterclass on Accessorizing 101.

    11. This person who gifted herself with a new 'do.

    12. This woman who shocked herself.

    13. This person who celebrates her third year natural this fall.

    14. This person who was tired of the late night, early morning twist-outs.

    15. This woman who's been natural since college, but wanted a fresh start.

    16. This person who "mustered up the strength" to shave her hair a week before graduation.

    17. This person who's never looked back.

    18. This person who "went all Edward Scissorhands in the bathroom".

    19. This person who was inspired by Solange's big chop.

    20. This person who struggled with her confidence, but eventually fell in love with her new look.

    21. This person who had a fro but wanted something more low maintenance.

    22. This person who marked her calendar for the big day.

    23. And finally, this person who big chopped out of rebellion.

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