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    23 People Share Their Big Chop Photos And They're Damn Inspirational

    "My hair is supposed to look like what I want it to look like, and this is it!"

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pics of their big chop and to tell us why they did it. Here are the inspirational results.

    1. This bad ass who let the barber do his thing.

    "I got the big chop when the bold and beautiful actress Lupita Nyong'o's career really started blowing up. As women, we're often taught that long hair is a symbol of beauty. So seeing this woman captivate the world with less than two inches of hair really amazed me. At the same time, I'd gotten tired of my relaxed hair's stunted growth and breakage and reached my breaking point. That's when I went to the barbershop with a friend, showed the barber a few example photos, and let him do his thing. I've been proudly natural ever since."


    2. This blonde bombshell.

    Rebecca Lee

    "So my story is a little crazy. I did the initial chop with my little brother. Then I went to a barber who gave me an actual haircut, basically a men's cut. And my friend did my hair color in her house. Everything was DIY."

    —Rebecca Lee, Facebook

    3. This person who found love in a natural place.

    Raquel Shanks

    "Last year, I told my mom that I was going to go natural, partly because I was inspired by the #blacklivesmatter movement and also tired of flat ironing my relaxed hair almost daily. To my surprise, she decided to transition with me. We would get small trims, but I got impatient after watching so many inspirational big chop videos online. Finally on October 23, my mom told me to do it or stop talking about it. So we got a spray bottle and scissors and did the big chop in the kitchen. I'm so in love with my natural hair now!"

    —Raquel Shanks, Facebook

    4. This person who closed one chapter to start another.

    Leeza Taylor

    "So I spontaneously did the big chop at home by myself using scissors. I didn't tell anyone I was cutting them, so my other dread head friends were very upset once they saw me. At the time, I was going through a transition phase and felt the need to start parts for my life over, including my dread journey."

    —Leeza Taylor, Facebook

    5. This woman who knows she looks cute as hell (you're right, girl!)

    "Coloring my hair, moving to a new state and overall stressing caused my bra-strap length natural hair to break off after college. So I cut it all off in 2015 because I figured it would be easier to do that than to grow out the damage. Doing the big chop is the second best decision I've ever made for my hair (going natural is number one). I still wear it short and it's been so much easier to manage and style. Plus, I look pretty darn cute!"


    6. And this person who big chopped for her physical health.

    Roxanna King / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedCocoaButter

    "I started my natural hair journey in 2016 to avoid the chemicals associated with relaxers—which I'd been getting since I was 8-years-old—and because I experience hair loss from lupus and hypothyroidism. So, I started transitioning with weekly small haircuts at my salon, but finally decided to big chop on July 3."

    —Roxanna King, Facebook

    7. This person who decided to chop before she lost all her edges.

    Ashley Graham

    "During my freshman year of college, I decided to transition from relaxed to natural by wearing protective styles. But, my edges were NOT having it. I noticed my hair slowly breaking off and knew I wouldn't have much hair left at that rate. So, one weekend I went home to the same stylist who did my relaxers and asked her to cut off everything that was straight."

    —Ashley Graham, Facebook

    8. This adorbz fashionista who was "over it".

    "I'd been relaxing for 25 years and I was over it."


    9. This dollface who has no regrets.

    "I wish I cut it a long time ago."


    10. This person who's giving a masterclass on Accessorizing 101.

    "Stress was causing my permed hair to thin out, so I finally had a friend's cousin chop off my hair at her birthday party."


    11. This person who gifted herself with a new 'do.

    "After almost a year of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, I did the big chop on my 24th birthday!"


    12. This woman who shocked herself.

    Brandi Heath

    "On September 4, 2013, instead of doing my same slicked down transition bun, I grabbed some Fiskar’s scissors and started chopping where my hair was breaking off. When I was done, I had basically cut off all my hair. I washed my hair again to get rid of all of remnants of chopped hair and just stared in the mirror. I was in total shock. I threw my new TWA in some VERY small twists, woke up the next day, and that was it."

    —Brandi "Brooklyn" Heath, Facebook

    13. This person who celebrates her third year natural this fall.

    "I got a relaxer at 16 because I played sports and wanted to be able to easily wash and care for my hair. However, when I started my career in broadcast journalism (which is very appearance-focused), my decision to flat iron my hair everyday seriously damaged my once healthy hair. So, I got a pixie cut with a relaxer. Then finally, eight months later, I decided to stop relaxing (and burning) my hair and cut it all off. September 2017 marks my third natural hair anniversary."


    14. This person who was tired of the late night, early morning twist-outs.

    "When I first went natural in 2014, I was always trying to achieve the perfect twist-out. I would stay up late and wake up early to battle shrinkage and achieve what I thought my hair was supposed to look like. It was hard for me. Then, I realized I had become a slave to my own hair! So I said, 'Bump this, I need a change," and had the barber shave it all. I feel so good and free! My hair is supposed to look like what I want it to look like, and this is it!"


    15. This woman who's been natural since college, but wanted a fresh start.

    "After being bullied for having short hair at my predominantly white middle school, I became extremely resistant to cutting it and always wore it straight. But after joining my college's Black Student Union and connecting with some amazing, supportive black women, I realize I didn't need to assimilate to white beauty standards to be beautiful. So I went natural, and a few years later, I big chopped. I'm so happy that I'm able to start fresh!"


    16. This person who "mustered up the strength" to shave her hair a week before graduation.

    "I've always rocked my natural hair because I was always afraid of the creamy crack. But, I never took care of my curls or had an interest in twisting my hair out every five minutes. So, after years of threatening to shave my head, I mustered up the strength a week before my college graduation and had my best friend shave off all my hair in the bathroom of my apartment."


    17. This person who's never looked back.

    "I'd been relaxing my hair since I was 11-years-old and had grown frustrated with trying to fix 15 years worth of chemical damage. So, on a late winter evening two years ago, I did the big chop at home. Needless to say I've never looked back!"


    18. This person who "went all Edward Scissorhands in the bathroom".


    "Growing up, I frequently relaxed and straightened my hair to fit in at my predominantly white schools. Then last April, I decided to go natural and knew I had to do the big chop because my hair was so thin and damaged. So I took the scissors and clippers and went all Edward Scissorhands in the bathroom! I was so nervous afterwards, but to my surprise, everyone loved my hair and my decision to go natural. I hit a few awkward stages, but that gave me a chance to try different styles and accessories. It's been 15 months since I started my natural hair journey and I can honestly say I will be a natural girl for life!"

    —Courtney, Facebook

    19. This person who was inspired by Solange's big chop.

    Kristin Howell

    "In grad school, years of relaxers caused some of my hair to fall out. It looked horrible and I was limited in how I could wear it without people seeing the missing patch of hair. I felt so ugly. I unsuccessfully tried to wait it out and let my hair grow, but soon realized that only option was to cut the all my hair off and start fresh. I was nervous of course, but found inspiration in other women's liberating big chop stories and photos. Solange had also just done the big chop at the time and looked gorgeous. So, I found a natural hairstylist and asked her to just shave it all off. I was nervous and excited. When it was over, I looked down at the relaxed pieces of hair on the floor and then looked at myself. Not only did I look different, but I felt different too. I was happy that I made that decision."

    —Kristin Howell, Facebook

    20. This person who struggled with her confidence, but eventually fell in love with her new look.

    "Two months before my wedding, an inexperienced stylist damaged my relaxed hair beyond repair. Most of if fell out and what was left looked a mess. I wore wigs until I came back from my honeymoon. When I got back, I went to a more experienced stylist and told her to cut it all off. I struggled with my confidence for a while, but now I absolutely love my hair. I'll never relax it again!"


    21. This person who had a fro but wanted something more low maintenance.

    Instagram: @kirstenkarena / Via

    "I was 18-years-old and exhausted by the amount of time, money, and patience required to take care of my Afro. I started to loathe the idea of doing my hair and I really needed a break from it. Then one day, I noticed that I was down to the last little bit of my leave-in conditioner. Instead of going out to buy more, I had my friend buzz my head. No regrets!"


    22. This person who marked her calendar for the big day.

    "I'd been talked into getting a relaxer when I was 22-years-old. But three years later, I decided to transition up until the first Saturday after Christmas, which is when I'd planned to do the big chop. So on December 27, 2014, I washed my hair, sat in my bedroom, and cut off all of my relaxed hair. I haven't looked back since! (Here's a pic. I haven't got on any makeup and picked a crap filter, but whatever, I DID IT!!!)"


    23. And finally, this person who big chopped out of rebellion.

    "Even though I'd been perming my hair and getting weaves for as long as I can remember, I always admired people who went natural. But I never thought that I could do it, and my family echoed that sentiment. Then two years ago, I decided to go for the big chop, basically out of rebellion lol. I haven't looked back since."


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