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    20 Cheap And Easy DIYs Beauty Addicts Will Wish They Knew About Sooner

    Behold the beauty.

    1. All aboard the unicorn beauty trend with this homemade rainbow highlighter.

    Poise and Purpose/Youtube / Via

    Taste the rainbow and more here.

    2. Create some chill crystology-inspired lip gloss.

    Cute Life Hacks/Youtube / Via

    If you're all about the healing power of gems, you'll probably dig this tutorial.

    3. Shape your own beauty blender to keep your face beat and your wallet happy.

    ModaMob/Youtube / Via

    Curious? Find out more about this dupe here.

    4. Have your makeup stay put with this natural setting spray.

    BuzzFeed Nifty/Youtube / Via

    All you gotta do is mix, pour, and spray!

    5. Make your own matte nail polish with the help of that eyeshadow you never really use anyways.

    An na/Youtube / Via

    Get the 2-step video tutorial here.

    6. Upgrade your nail game with this easier-than-it-looks ombre technique.

    Gabby Morris/Youtube / Via

    Amaze your friends with your new nail game after watching this video.

    7. Prettify your space buns with 5-minute flower crowns.

    @girldoitblog / Via

    Get the deets here.

    8. Skip the hours on hours at the salon and throw on this bomb DIY faux loc wig instead.

    Crystal Michelle/Youtube / Via

    Learn how to craft this beauty here.

    9. Give your hair a break with this ridiculously stunning crochet wig.

    Kiitanaxo/Youtube / Via

    Watch the play-by-play here.

    10. And if you're feeling a bit more advanced, go all the way with this fabulous lace frontal number.

    Chrissy Bales/Youtube / Via

    Get ready to slay after following this tutorial.

    11. Turn your everyday 'do into a walking work of art.

    Boldly/Youtube / Via

    Get your stencil on with this fun tutorial.

    12. Postpone washing your tresses with an all-natural dry shampoo.

    @essentiallyoil_savvy / Via

    Learn more about this anti-oil superhero here.

    13. Build the world's easiest brush holder. / Via

    If you're feeling this minimalistic storage option, head here.

    14. Or store them and other beauty items in this cute multipurpose makeup caddy.

    Plaid Crafts/Youtube / Via

    Put your used paper towel and toilet paper tubes to good use.

    15. Put your own thrifty spin on the popular, yet pricey brush cleaning mat.

    @distritobelleza / Via

    Grab your glue gun and visit this website for a closer look.

    16. Turn your favorite body wash and shampoo into colorful shower jellies.

    HelloMaphie/Youtube / Via

    You'll have a blast mixing up your jellies like this.

    17. Sculpt a set of precious gemstone soaps that look way too cute to actually use.

    BuzzFeed Nifty / Via

    The really easy recipe can be found here.

    18. Turn bathtime into a luxurious getaway with these adorbs fizzy cupcake bath bombs.

    @frogprincepaperie / Via

    Flex your "baking" skills with this recipe.

    19. Save money and your skin by making your own customized makeup remover pads.

    @futurefitdockatie / Via

    Get into this 3-ingredient beauty hack here. DIY makeup remover wipes are an alternative.

    20. Serve some face center stage with this crafty vanity mirror. / Via

    Get the breakdown on this glam item here.

    Now who's ready to get crafty???

    TV Land / Via