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18 Unbelievable Photos Of Braids That'll Make You Say "Damnnn" And Then Ask "But How?"

It's legit magic, but haters will say otherwise.

1. TFW you've found the meaning of life in the center of some fly-ass braids.

@hairbyminklittle / Via

2. Look at that finger. Just casual and perched like it's not creating the eighth frickin' wonder of the world.

http://@j.kimble / Via

3. Now this look is giving you different sizes, clean parts, smooth curves, and consistent root-gathering. Your fave hairstyle could NEVA!!!

@mslafitness / Via

4. Jesus be a rat tail comb.

@hairbyminklittle / Via

5. That's it!!! All other crowns are officially CANCELLED!!!

@hairbyminklittle / Via

6. These cascading cornrows are chicken soup for the soul.

@transformedbyo / Via

7. How does one even calculate how much hair to put into each cornrow??? #importantquestionsthatneedanswers

@boobabe1202 / Via

8. Self care is gazing deeply into this geometric masterpiece.

http://@braid.barbie / Via

9. So pure. So perfect.

@geminitwinshauwny / Via

10. But why is each and every single strand of hair in formation tho?!?!

@dc_styles / Via

11. We aren't worthy but we are forever grateful for this blessing.

@guin_gui / Via

12. Okay so NASA's doing braids now??? Since when???

http://@braid.barbie / Via

13. A visual interpretation of what I mean when I say I'm tryna get my life together.

http://@_j.kimble / Via

14. Only a fool would call this divine creation unprofessional.

@dc_styles / Via

15. Because the appropriate word is actually magical.

@braidsby_trina / Via

16. #Blackgirlmagic to be specific.

@leshiatai_84 / Via

17. As in the OG creators of this classic hairstyling tradition.

@transformedbyo / Via

18. Now take a bow braiders, cuz ya'll DID THAT!!!

@leshiatai_84 / Via


Parkwood Entertainment / Via
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