18 Badass Underboob Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Get Inked

    Badass and beautiful.

    1. This delicate pastel dream.

    2. This surreal design.

    3. This perfect pairing of soft and hard.

    4. This itty bitty beauty.

    5. And this multicolored masterpiece.

    6. This sweet and simple piece.

    7. These roses that are forever.

    8. This Isis ink, famously rocked by the one-and-only Riri.

    9. And this tiny Taurus.

    10. This glam chandelier.

    11. This dainty one.

    12. This bold biblical bb.

    13. These lovely dots and lines.

    14. And these flames and flowers.

    15. This rockstar Medusa.

    16. This ode to Mother Nature.

    17. This wispy blossom.

    18. And this perfectly positioned diamond.