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    17 Hilarious Memes That Explain Why Your Hairstylist Is Probably Over You

    "I'm here for my color appointment. Can I leave my sweater on? I'm cold."

    1. When they know the answer to their own question. / Via @jackieepp

    2. When they went to Youtube before coming to you. / Via @hairstylist_horror_stories

    3. When they can't tell facts from fiction. / Via @caitlinstylesyourhair

    4. When they need to sit still. / Via @j_cardii

    5. When they start messing with your masterpiece. / Via @warrenville_lifespa_manager

    6. When they get hella emotional on you.

    7. When they lie to themselves...

    8. ...and they lie to you. / Via @twist_n_curlz

    9. SO. MANY. LIES. / Via @eastcoastflairhairstudio

    10. When they're all like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ / Via http://@1n.velvet

    11. When your last nerve says, "NAH." / Via @bitchesofbalayage

    12. When they had the audacity to roll through late with a venti caramel Frappuccino. / Via @salonlife1

    13. When you knew you should've just ordered takeout. / Via @bitchesofbalayage

    14. When they surprise you by showing up on time.

    15. When they tell you they just came back from vacay, but you know the truth. / Via @packin_ash

    16. When you leave them on read. / Via @aestheticbymeghan

    17. *DEEEEEP SIGH* / Via @thebraidylady

    Clients: Can't live with 'em, but def can't live without 'em. / Via TV One