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Why Can't Pharma Be Appreciated Like The Tech Industry?


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Pharma’s ad agency Young & Rubicam said this: “Why can’t the pharma industry be appreciated the way the tech industry is?”

We want to help the Don Draper wannabes. So here are seven reasons “why pharma can't be appreciated the way the tech industry is.”

1. Because an iPhone costs $650 and my bi-weekly drugs cost $20,000.


2. Because people use tools invented by tech, like GoFundMe, to pay for drugs invented by taxpayers.


3. Because tech executives don’t extort people by threatening to stop research if people don’t pay their price.


4. Because Google invents new technology every day, while pharma takes credit for my drug invented in 1957.


5. Because no one ever went bankrupt buying a MacBook.

6. Two words: Pharma Bro


7. Because Pharma pretends to care about patients but they only care about profits.

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