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    Bengalis: Can You Get Through This Post Without Craving Maach Instantly?

    More like "Delish" Maach, amirite?

    Bengali food is, like, the best thing in the world. And nothing spells out Bengali food like FISH.

    Whether it is the beautiful bhetki maacher paturi...

    Or this tempting AF bowl of shorshe eelish.

    And every Bengali knows that chingri maacher malai curry is bae.

    And if there is anything we Bengalis love over fish, it is fried fish!

    I mean just look at that thing of beauty.

    Our pabda maach brings all the boys, girls, and kaku-kakimas to the yard.

    And after any hard day, we can always rely on the comfort of the simple maach bhaat.

    Because in fish curry we trust.

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