15 "Game Of Thrones" Memes That Perfectly Capture What A Bengali Goes Through During Durga Pujo

    Brace yourself. Pujo is coming.

    Content website BongFeed, came up with an unusual combo of "Game of Thrones" and Durga Pujo.

    And if you are Bengali, these memes will give you a lulz attack.

    1. When you stand too close to that snide aunty.

    2. When you know just one line of that chant.

    3. When you have to decide between fun and your wallet.

    4. When the entire city decides to congregate at one pandal.

    5. When you put more effort into Oshtomi dressing than your wedding.

    6. When you realise Durga Pujo is the Bong edition of Fashion Week.

    7. When this weird existential conundrum takes hold of you.

    8. When you are faced with this daunting task.

    9. When your boss isn't Bengali enough to understand your emotions.

    10. When your boss is an asshole.

    11. When you realise that you're not young enough for this shit anymore.

    12. When you don't get this joke because you Kattik AF.

    13. When you run into mom before leaving for Pujo shenanigans.

    14. When you know it is more than just an obligation; it is a duty.

    15. And when this unusual disappointment occurs. (Though, I highly doubt it ever does.)

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