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    This Is Why Tickling Is Actually Dangerous

    It's all fun and games until lives are destroyed.

    So, you think tickling is all fun and games...right? Wrong. Tickling is a serious offense that should be treated with serious consequences. This is the story of one man, two hands, and countless lives destroyed:

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    It started off innocent, like most small-time criminal behavior does. Dante was just a man in love who decided to tickle his girlfriend playfully to win a fight.

    But after realizing the power of the tickle...he couldn't stop himself.

    Because tbh, you can pretty much get whatever you want using the ~power~ of the tickle.

    Seriously, it's a dangerous game to play.

    Innocent bystanders were robbed of their cars, jackets, and dignity. And his weapon of choice? Finding that tickle spot.

    Unqualified for a job? That's OK. Your resume will start to look real nice when your future employer is borderline wetting themselves in the conference room.

    But at the end of the day, despite all the money, the cars, and the power...tickling can't get you true love.

    And when you take a good, hard look in the mirror, you'll realize...'ve become the tickle monster.