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    We Tried Eating "Ugly" Produce And It Tasted Exactly The Same As Other Produce

    Which is good, because we're wasting a lot of food.

    We've probably all been there. You're craving a banana but you can only find a bruised one. So you avoid it because it doesn't look like what you think a banana should look like.

    Unfortunately, you are not alone in this. About 20% of all US-grown produce goes to waste before it even makes it to the grocery store because it is deemed "ugly" and doesn't fit a cosmetic standard.

    Imperfect Produce is trying to solve this by delivering discarded, "ugly" fruits for 30-50% cheaper than what you'd pay at your grocery store.

    According to the UN, wasted food could feed the 800 million people in the world twice over.

    And grocery stores don't think you'll buy perfectly edible produce if you think it looks ugly.

    Learn more about Imperfect Produce here.

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    Note: Imperfect Produce provided produce to BuzzFeed free of charge.