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Men Rank Every NFL Quarterback By Hotness

"He looks like he just sharted."

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We're coming up on that time of year: FOOTBALL SEASON. So why not rank all the football QB's from "Hot" to "Not"? We had six very, very wise men sit down and painstakingly rank these hunks. Here are the results:

View this video on YouTube / Via

View this video on YouTube / Via

18. Andy Dalton: 2.83/5

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The guys couldn't help but notice this redhead's ON FLEEK brows. Moses wasn't afraid to say, "Those eyebrows doe." And look at that fiery matching uniform.

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Andrew thought he was just born in the wrong time period. With a little bit of luck, he slid into the middle of the pack. Zach made sure to be clear: He wasn't into him "because of his looks, but because he's a smart guy."

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Looks like this brother ended up on top. Is it the brown hair? The boyish look? You decide. Zach folded and said, "[Being a] two-time Super Bowl champ and two-time Super Bowl MVP...yeah, he's hot AF."