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    5 Times Pasta Could Have Saved Your Favorite Movie Heroes

    All Jack needed was a pair of rigatoni floaties.

    Jack and Rose in Titanic ft. Rigatoni

    Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lighstorm Entertainment

    We know, Jack would need the water wings more than Rose. But in our interpretation he is a gentleman and she is looking out for herself. Let's assume she will give it to him later when they are having a bath in the ocean. And anyway, it's probably the cold that killed him first. Still, it would have given him more chance to survive.

    Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park ft. Spaghetti

    Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment

    The hard part of this martial art technique is to manage to introduce the pastas in the dinosaur's mouth. But it's possible, we learned it in physics. According to researchers, at this point in time spaghetti was more resistant than it is nowadays.

    Gollum in Lord of the Rings ft. Ruote

    New Line Cinema, WingNut Films

    "MY PAAAASTA" Ever heard of this? Well, no ring, no power, no attraction for it, no fight for the ring... Easy, isn't it?

    Harry Potter in Harry Potter ft. Farfalle

    Warner Bros / Via Our creativity

    We know... Harry is really just having fun, not dying, in this scene. Maybe because (SPOILER ALERT) he does not die. BUT, riding Buckbeak is much safer with a farfalle as a parachute, don't you agree?

    Romeo and Juliette in Romeo & Juliette ft. Fettuccine

    Paramount Pictures Corporation

    Who has time to die for love when there is pasta to be eaten!

    What other movie characters could pasta have saved? Let us know in the comments!