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17 GIFs That Prove “Passengers” Will Be The Wildest Holiday Ride

Sit down and buckle up. Passengers now playing theaters everywhere! ADVERTISEMENT

In Passengers, the Starship Avalon is on a 120-year journey to transport 5,000 sleeping passengers to a new world, the greatest migration in human history.

Two of those passengers, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, wake up 90 years too early.

Here are some GIFs that prove just how wild this ride is going to get:

1. You'll experience the FUTURE as Jennifer and Chris explore the ship.

2. Just look at all that ~technology~. But also, how big is this ship?

3. You'll also glimpse breathtaking views of the cosmos.

4. But Jennifer and Chris aren't entirely alone. There are message-carrying robots.

5. And a rather charming bartender...

6. ...who is also a robot.

7. The whole situation is super mysterious: Like, why did these two wake up so early?

8. Pretty much us right now:

9. Things get pretty hot and heavy.

10. Like really hot.

11. Even things like routine repairs seem thrilling.

12. *Holds breath, tries not to panic*

13. *Continues to hold breath, tries to not drown*

14. So make sure your seat belts are buckled.

15. Gear up.

16. And hold on.

17. We're riding this hype ship all the way home.

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Get ready for the ride of your life. Passengers is now playing in theaters!

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