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    31 Double-Duty Products From Walmart That'll Help Organize Your Home

    When it comes to decluttering, you need items to play double duty to get the most use out of your space.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A storage bench because you need EVERYTHING right when you enter the house. Don't let the clutter even get into the house!

    The wooden storage bench with two shelves for shoes

    2. A lamp with shelves that enable it to do double duty. Not only is it a beautiful light source, but it also provides some great places to display your odds and ends.

    The lamp with two shelves

    3. A kitchen trolley to help to make meal prepping a breeze. With several drawers and baskets, you won't have to clutter up your workspace with fruit bowls or utensil cans!

    The wooden kitchen trolley with several shelves and baskets

    4. An umbrella holder that can sit right by your door so you don't track water all over the place. This way, your umbrella will be right where you need it when the storm surprises you.

    The umbrella holder with two umbrellas

    5. A wall-mounted drying rack to hide away whenever not in use. The shelf above will let you store any other laundry products in a handy spot.

    The white wall-mounted drying rack

    6. A magnetic shelf that will keep your spices and paper towels in arms reach. The extra shelves mean that you can keep everything on hand.

    The two-shelf magnetic rack in black with two paper towel holders

    7. An ironing board slash laundry sorter combo because you need to get all your laundry needs in one spot. Now you will have no excuse to not finish your chores.

    The triple basket laundry sorter on wheels with a top shelf for ironing

    8. A litter box that doubles as a side table. Just be sure you don't forget that it's a litter box or else you might end up with a stinky piece of furniture!

    The brown litter box shaped like a shelf

    9. A wall organizer that comes with key hooks, mail holders, and a chalkboard to leave notes for all the roommates. No more lost keys or bills as you keep your doorway clean!

    The wooden wall organizer

    10. A four-pack of magnetic hooks perfect for hanging your things up and out of the way in your kitchen, your bathroom, wherever you need them!

    The metal hook

    11. A clothing rack that looks as great as it functions. This rack gives you space for your clothing and provides a beautiful display area for you to show off your shoes and other accessories.

    The black and wooden clothing rack with three side shelves

    12. A two-tier turntable because you need all your small things to be accessible. From nail polishes to spices, you will never lose track of where things are again as you spin this lazy Susan around.

    The wooden lazy Susan

    13. A rolling utility cart that has no end to its uses. Use it in your bedroom, your workshop, your kitchen; and fill it with all your clutter.

    The black rolling cart with three shelves

    14. An over-the-cabinet shelf to help keep that area under your sink from becoming no-man's-land.

    The over-the-cabinet wire shelf with two shelves

    15. A file holder that will prevent your desk from becoming buried in piles of papers. The sturdy laminate material means that it can stand up to whatever you need to store inside.

    The black file holder

    16. A labeled laundry hamper because you will never bother to separate your clothing on laundry day, so you might as well do it ahead of time.

    The laundry hamper with baskets labeled dark, light, and color

    17. A pegboard that will get your things off the floor and onto the wall. With infinite combinations, you can figure out exactly what you need from your pegboard.

    The pegboard holding many household tools

    18. A towel bar because you want to stop the clutter before it happens. Prevent your towels from piling up on the floor by giving them a space to sit.

    The towel holder with two bars

    19. A set of black pushpins so you have a way to get all of your papers off of your desk. This matching set will add an elevated sophistication to your bulletin board.

    The black push pins

    20. A set of Command hooks because you can make any wall or surface into a storage opportunity. And these hooks peel off easy when it is time to move things around again.

    The Command hook holding a small wooden cutting board and spatulas

    21. A set of stackable fridge bins if you want your food to be as organized as the rest of your place. Now you never have to worry about losing your leftovers in the back of the refrigerator again!

    The set of clear bins in various sizes holding food

    22. A set of glass jars because you don't want your things to disappear into bins and never be seen again. These jars will allow you to put things away without losing sight of them.

    The three glass jars in different sizes

    23. A set of clear storage boxes that fit in some of the most underutilized space in your house: under the bed!

    The clear bins holding blankets and shoes

    24. A woven basket because you want to give yourself every opportunity to keep your clutter organized and out of sight.

    The basket in black

    25. A wire shelf that fits into your closet to give yourself more organizational opportunities. It fits shoes, boxes, or whatever else you need.

    The white wire shelf with four shelves

    26. An expandable utensil organizer because you need something that fits your individual space. Plus, this one comes with a beautiful floral design to add a hidden spot of color to your kitchen.

    The wooden utensil holder with a floral design

    27. An adjustable corner shelf that will allow you to take advantage of those strange corners. It even comes with hooks on the side so that you can small items out of the way.

    The wooden corner shelves

    28. An over-the-door shoe holder – a classic of personal organizing. It gives your shoes a space to live and anything else you want to put in the pockets, as well!

    The over-the-door shoe organizer with 24 clear pockets

    29. A bag of clothespins that will let you hang up anything you need and they look cute, too! This way, you can give off some beautiful cottagecore vibes.

    The clothespins

    30. An under-shelf wire basket because you want to add a shelf between your shelves! This gives you even more space to help keep your cabinets clutter-free.

    The white under-shelf wire basket

    31. A four-pocket hanging organizer to help you take advantage of every speck of space you have. It even comes in four cute patterns so you can find one that fits.

    The four pocket over door hanger

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