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    If You Were Death, What Would You Carry Instead Of A Scythe?

    What will Death's infamous weapon of choice turn into when you pick it up? The mystic tool is intelligent and adjusts itself to the users needs, depending on their personality. What will she say about you? Care to find out?

    Fans of Terry Pratchett will love Justin Alcala's noir supernatural thriller, A Dead-End Job. Death needs a vacation. Badly. But there’s a catch: people are always falling through the cracks and not dying like they’re supposed to. Who’s going to take care of them while Death’s sipping on sangria? In this quiz you'll find out what form Death's beloved scythe, "Lilith", will turn into once you pick it up. Do you have what it takes to be Death’s right-hand?

    A Dead-End Job by Justin Alcala / Via

    A Dead-End job is available for pre-order and releases everywhere October 5th 2021.

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