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    The 6 People You Will Have In Your Next Group Project

    You were assigned this group and you already hate them. Lets get to know them...After all, your grade does depend on them.

    Your professor comes into class and informs you that this semester your final grade will be determined by a group project.

    So you look around the room like...

    So Lets See What Morons You've been Paired with:

    1. The Self Proclaimed Leader

    When this tyrant talks to you:

    2. The Completely Incompetent

    Everytime they talk you're just like:

    3. The Free Loader

    Every time they skip a meeting or say they 'didn't get' your texts, emails, or facebook messages:

    4. The Eager Beaver

    This person makes you feel like:

    5. That Guy That Only Knows Buzzwords

    This guy definitely makes your head hurt.

    6. And last but not least, there's you:

    Luckily you can handle it like a mature adult:

    Good Luck Students! You're already half-way through the semester!