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12 Steps Of Your Spring Break Diet As Told By Mindy

She's smart, she fluctuates between chubby and curvy, and totally understands your struggles.

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1. Its that time of year again to make bad choices and wear a bikini: SPRING BREAK!

2. Most people won't remember whatever tropical trip y'all take, but just in case there is somebody sober around...

3. So you start nice and slowly: some great new outfits.

Fatsteps are obviously the only shoe choice

4. And you even get a workout buddy to keep you motivated!

5. Then the withdrawl kicks in. And you want any and everything edible in sight.

especially a bear claw

6. And then Hanger. If you can't eat, nobody should eat.

7. If anybody asks about your diet, the hanger gets worse.

Never ask how the diet is going.

8. Luckily, you've read the Declaration of Independence and know your rights..

9. And you quickly decide: dieting is not for you.

10. Instead, chocolate fountains and cheese!

11. And you rediscover how much you love yourself just the way you are.

12. At the end of the night all that really matters is a corndog and your phone anyway.

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