Robin Thicke Is A Modern Day, Real Life Rex Manning

No, really, he’s essentially Rex Manning from Empire Records. Watch their friggin’ videos and you become convinced he’s the reincarnation. Here are some screen shots to point out the most notable similarities. Watch the videos though, seriously.

1. Rex Sexy Singing Into Camera

Oh Rexy you’re so sexy! Ladies, you are powerless against those Jockeys. Navy Blue.

2. Robin Sexy Singing Into Camera

Sexy in the way your high school friend’s dad was when he went through that midlife crisis, bought a Mazda, and started smiling at you too often.

3. Rex’s Harem

He doesn’t even know their names, they just have numbers and each night he barks out a sequence informing them of who he will be bedding.

4. Robin’s Harem

Robin is a bit more modern and progressive with his ladies, allowing them to improvise individual dance moves.

5. Rex Sexy Girl Face Makeout

No, you don’t actually get to kiss me, but I will permit you to live out your wildest fantasies on the side of my face.

6. Robin Sexy Girl Face Makeout

He could Literally. Not. Care. Less. That a half naked model is licking his face. So commonplace for Robin Thicke.

7. Rex Bein’ Sexy With Feet


8. Robin Bein’ Sexy With Feet

Robin prefers a closer, more personal approach to one of the lesser appreciated erogenous zones.

And of course, the videos in all their absurdity.

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