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This is the story of die-hard fan meeting his biggest idol for the first time in 15 years.

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Paris Hilton has changed my life forever...

This entire year has been life changing for me; I moved from México to Portugal to study a year abroad, I'm currently living in a small college dorm room in a country where I don't know anyone except for my roommate who spends the entire day with his girlfriend.

Before coming here I had four different jobs to pay for my trip. While I was at school, I would sell apples and candy all around the campus, after school I would go home, eat something really fast, do my homework and chores, and by 4 p.m. I was in my car working as an Uber driver until 11 p.m. At 12 a.m. I was preparing everything that I was going to sell the next day at school. That was my daily routine while I was taking classes, once summer started, I got a full-time job at a call-center and at night I would be an Uber driver again. I did all of this to pay for my trip, and to make one one my biggest dreams come true, meet for the first time the idol that I have been a fan of for more than a decade.

My trip to LA, the city of angels and Paris Hilton...

My journey to meet Paris Hilton started when I applied to be an exchange student in a portuguese university, thanks to my dedication, hardwork and good grades I got accepted (I mean... I'm a Paris Hilton fan, she taught me about working hard and never quit fighting to live my dreams). I was so happy when I received that acceptance letter, because the only thing that I could think about was: "Oh my god, I'm meeting Paris Hilton!"

Once I had my acceptance letter, my passport and luggage, I was ready to leave, I took a bus from my hometown to Los Angeles; it was an 18 hours bus ride that felt like it was never going to end, specially when the bus left me in Phoenix, Arizona while I was using the restroom, the bus left with all my belongings. I was in total shock, I though that all my work went straight to the trash. I was in a city with no money, just me and my cellphone that I used to call my mom crying to tell her that I had lost my bus and that I was probably going to lose my flight too. A lady at the bus station saw me in tears and asked me what was wrong, I told her exactly what happened so she spoke to her manager and they gave me a courtesy bus ticket and they called the bus driver so he would leave all my belongings in Los Angeles. I had so much anxiety the entire day and night, but thank God when I arrived to LA (6 hours later than expected), my belongings were there and safe, so I took an Uber to the cheapest motel I found online where I stayed the night. It was 8 pm, so I was like 'I cannot spend the night sitting here doing nothing' so I went to the walk of fame and took so many pictures there. I even bought a fake Paris Hilton drivers licence.

Proving haters wrong...

Since I was in middle school, people would always tease me for liking Paris Hilton because "she was never going to know about my existence", they were wrong. 3 years ago when she released her song 'Come Alive' I was the happiest boy in the world because her music is everything to me. I was tweeting like crazy from my computer telling my twitter followers to buy the song on iTunes, and how much I loved the song. A few minutes later, my notifications started to blow up, I didn't know what was happening so I checked Paris' twitter and she had just retweeted some of my tweets and even followed me back.

I was in shock, how could this have happened? Did she click the 'follow' button by mistake? Did she really like my tweets? I had so many questions inside my head, I remember I was in my bedroom crying of happiness. Minutes later, I received a direct message from her, thanking me for all my sweet tweets and all my support. I couldn't sleep that night.

That was just the beginning of this 'fan-idol' connection, I believe it was because she really liked my personality, fan art, fun edits and videos that I would post of her. Months later she sent me another Direct Message describing my tweets as 'funny and creative'.

Paris has visited Mexico City numerous times, but the last time she visited Mexico she was expecting me to be there to finally meet me, but she didn't know I lived very far away in a very small town, and I couldn't afford to travel. But even though we were both sad about not being able to meet in so many occasions, she always told me that she was sure that one day we were going to meet.

My Ibiza adventure...

The next morning I flew from Los Angeles to London, it was an 11 hours flight, and my journey wasn't over, I had to wait another 4 hours to take a flight to Portugal, which was a 2 hours flight. Everything went as planned, I was happy I was finally in a different continent, but I was even more happy about meeting my queen Paris Hilton.

My original plan was to accommodate myself in my dorm room, spend a day in Portugal, and then on Saturday fly to Ibiza. I'm a college student, so I don't have the amount of money to pay for a hotel in Ibiza, so as many of my friends might know, I was going to sleep on a bench at the Ibiza airport on Saturday, get a cheap hostel room on Sunday so I could get a shower and get ready to meet Paris, then go back to the Ibiza airport bench, stay there and wait for my flight home on Tuesday.

The moment I bought my plane tickets to Ibiza I tweeted about it because I was the happiest person on earth, and Paris herself saw those tweets and asked me when was I arriving and where I was staying, so I told her I was going to stay at a hostel. She told me that she was extremely happy to finally meet me after all these years of talking through social media and that she wanted me to have the best experience in the world.

Living the dream...

When Paris told me she wanted me to have the best time of my life, SHE REALLY MEANT IT. She took me out of a hostel/airport bench and put me in a really nice room, she didn't want me to stay in a hostel (I never told her I was going to sleep at the airport, I was too embarrassed). She sent Adrian (one of her fans that now is part of her team) to pick me up from the airport, we got in the 'Foam mobile' (as she likes to call her cars), and he drove me to Paris' house where I was going to meet her for the first time in my life. Her entire team treated me amazing, Harold (the guy in charge of her 'Foam & Diamonds' brand) was asking me about my flight and how I was feeling, her assistant Aurora was offering me lasagna and Italian food. I couldn't believe I was in the same house where Paris Hilton has lived for these past couples of months.

I ate some delicious Italian food that they always have ready for her (she loves Italian food, her family is from Italy). I wasn't hungry at all, all I could think about was meeting Paris, her team told me that she had just arrived to the airport and they were going to pick her up, so she was going to meet me in an hour. I started shaking like crazy, my heart started beating so fast and my hands and feet were cold. Her assistant was worried about me because I was getting very nervous, so she gave me a shot of vodka to calm me down and took me to the terrace so I could get some sun and breathe a little bit. Minutes later, she received a text message, "Paris is here" - she said to me with a big smile.

Meeting my queen...

I ran to the apartment's entrance, but I had to stop running because felt like my legs were going to fall off because I literally felt like I was about to faint, my heart was beating a million times per minute. I was waiting for her at the door, I couldn't breathe well, this was the moment that I had been dreaming for my entire life.

I hear footsteps, someone opens the door and it's her assistant, then I saw Chris Zylka (her boyfriend) and I gave him a huge hug, he asked me how I'm doing and I said great, and 6 foot away from me there she was, the girl that I have been idolizing my entire life, the girl that has made me a more confident person, the girl that taught me to never quit fighting to live my dreams, PARIS HILTON WAS IN FRONT OF ME. She saw me and ran up to me to give me a big and warm hug, she said "I'm so happy to finally meet you", I was in total shock, this was not a dream, this was real life. She is so much prettier in person, the camera doesn't do justice to her beauty. She asked me if I was hungry and how I was feeling, she asked me about my luggage that got lost in Phoenix (I couldn't believe she had read my breakdowns on Instagram), we chatted for a few minutes but my heart was still beating so fast, I told her how fast my heart was beating and she put her hand on my chest and she gave me another hug, then she took her iPhone out and said: 'Let's do some snaps'. I GOT TO BE IN HER SNAPCHAT AND INSTAGRAM STORY FOR THE WORLD TO SEE THAT WE FINALLY MET!

In that yellow bag that you see me holding in the picture on top, I had put some mexican candy, a stuffed mermaid, stuffed unicorn and a stuffed heart-eyes cat emoji. She loved them! I also made her a key chain with the letters 'P' and 'C' (Paris & Chris), and I got Chris a keychain bottle opener with the Portugal flag. I got them to try the mexican candy and they both loved it!

Hanging out with a queen...

Paris Hilton's snapchat

Hours later, Paris and Chris invited me to go to old town Ibiza, we went to a camera store where they had pictures of her, Chris needed a new camera so they could take good pictures at 'Burning Man' ('Burning Man' is an event that is all about art, music, gifting and having fun), Paris saw some Polaroids and asked me: "Which one do want?", I was in shock, was Paris Hilton buying me a Polaroid?... I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I asked her if she was really asking me that because maybe I had heard wrong but her response was "yes babe, pick one, I want you to have the best time". I couldn't decide. Paris, Chris and I were there standing inside the store looking at all the cameras helping me what color to choose, Chris suggested color black, so I picked the black Polaroid. I couldn't stop saying THANK YOU because she did not need to do that, but she did THAT because she has a huge heart and love for her fans! I mean, taking me out of the hostel/airport bench was already a huge deal, but getting her fan a camera? She is truly the best!

Getting stuff for 'Burning Man'...

While we were walking through old town Ibiza, we made a stop at one of Paris' favorite stores, she told me 'pick whatever you want babe, they have the sickest things here, it's my favorite store in Ibiza', she showed me the graphic tees and they were sick! No wonder why she loves that store so much! She picked some t-shirts for me and asked me to help her pick stuff to bring to 'Burning Man', so Paris and I were going through the entire store looking for fun and cute things that she could give to people while she was at 'Burning Man'. Doing shopping with Paris was exactly like being in a 'The Simple Life' episode, she couldn't stop getting things, Chris and I would laugh about it, Paris noticed that we were laughing about her shopping habit, so she laughed too and said: "Sorry, I can't help myself".

After spending a couple of minutes in the store, we noticed that Chris' backpack had broken, so we ran to another store doing the iconic 'sanasa' dance/run to get him a new backpack. She got Chris a new backpack and she also got some classic NY caps for the three of us, just so we could be in disguise just like her. She asked me if I needed a backpack too and I said that I was probably going to need one because the backpack that I brought to Ibiza was very small and the things that she had given me weren't going to fit, so she got me a backpack too and we ran back to the store where Chris was doing the legendary 'sanasa' again, truly iconic.

While we were walking through the streets of Ibiza, people would recognize Paris, no matter how big her sunglasses were, or how much the cap would cover her face, she was still the center of attention. But no matter how busy she was, she was still an angel to people, she never denied anyone a picture, and every time someone would yell her name, she would say hello with her hand and smile. She is truly an angel on earth.

After going to a few stores, we went to have some dinner. The waiter gave us all a menu and Paris told me that I could order whatever I wanted, but Chris said: "Oh you don't need to order, Paris always orders a lot". That wasn't a big surprise for me, in 'The Simple Life' she would always order tons of food, but I always thought that was just for comedic purposes. When she was ready to order, she did order a lot of food! Everything was so yummy! I will never forget eating with Chris and Paris, they are truly the best!


The next day, Paris invited me to the soundcheck, I got to hear her new song 'Summer Reign' playing at Amnesia while Chris was giving the staff really creative ideas about the illumination during the show (Chris is truly a creative genius, I talked with him a lot and I have so much respect for him). Paris gave me a tour around the club and even took me some pictures with the huge posters they have of her.

After the soundcheck, we left Paris at a spa, and Chris and I went to their house to hang out and wait for Paris. We sat on some chairs in their terrace and we talked about everything! His life, his love for art, his acting career, his movies, his dog Tuna, how he started his career (which is really impressive and like I told him, he should put it in a book), and many other cool things that made me say 'Oh wow, Chris is a legend!'. Chris is a great guy, I have so much respect for him, he is so talented and such a sweet guy with a great sense of humor (and a lot of dad jokes).

Once Paris was done with her spa session, Chris and I went to pick her up and eat some dinner, we had so much fun, like I said before, Chris has a great sense of humor just like Paris, they made me laugh so much! And Paris was also telling me about all her new projects, I wish that dinner never ended. I loved spending time with Paris and Chris, they are truly the best couple on earth! Truly made for each other.


The time for 'Foam & Diamonds' was finally here, at this exact moment, my life was already complete. I had already met, hugged, chatted, taken selfies, danced and laughed with my queen and idol Paris Hilton, but her 'Foam & Diamonds' party took this experience to a whole another level.

Paris sent me to the club in her 'Foam Mobile', where I met with her Ibiza manager Harold again and he gave me VIP access to the club, he took me to the place where Paris does her interviews and waited for her there. When she arrived, she looked like a gorgeous time-bending celestial alien goddess (I made a theory about Paris being an alien, which turned out to be true, you can read it here). She was radiant, she was wearing a golden dress with a beautiful crown that represents the American royalty that she is, she saw me and said 'Hi babe' with a big smile and hug, my heart melted.

Before the show she does some interviews and meets fans, and I was standing next to Chris the whole time. So amazing!

A queen that loves her fans...


After she was done doing some interviews, she started taking pictures with fans. The guy from the picture above made a long trip just to meet her, Paris gave him a huge hug and took lots of pictures with him, we were all so touched by how sweet and excited the guy was that after they took some pictures Paris asked her manager to give this guy VIP access to the club. That literally melted my heart, she loves her fans so much and she wants everyone to feel special and have the best time of their lives. Inside the club, I chatted with the guy from the picture (I can't remember his name) but we were talking about how amazing, sweet and down to earth Paris is.

Let the party start...

Once she was done with all the meet and greets, interviews, and meeting her Little Hiltons, DJ Paris Hilton was ready to kill it! She started her 'Foam & Diamonds' party singing her new song 'Summer Reign' which is the perfect song for the summer. Amnesia is probably the most legendary club in the world, so if you combine it with the most legendary party girl in history, it's the perfect combination.

After a few songs, her manager took me and some other Little Hiltons to the DJ booth to dance with Paris and Chris, they gave us those sticks that glow in the dark to give them to the people, it was soooo much fun! I was having the best time of my life partying with Paris, the same girl that became New York's It Girl without trying thanks to her legendary looks, her amazing personality, and sweet heart.

Meeting some other Little Hiltons!

One of the coolest things about being a Paris Hilton fan is meeting other fans! At the party I got to meet (from left to right) Abbie, Romy, Lexy and Court, they were totally sweet girls! We danced and sang the entire night, it's crazy how we are all friends thanks to our love to Paris Hilton!

After we spent a few minutes dancing in the DJ booth with Paris, her manager took us to the VIP, where we had a great view of the club. We had the best times of our lives!

3... 2... 1... ESPUMA!!!!

'Foam & Diamonds' could not be a foam party without the foam! Paris in the soundcheck makes sure the foam, sound, and lights are perfect for the show (she is such a boss). Once it was time for the foam, she did her iconic countdown and she started spraying everyone with it! Paris surely knows how to throw a party, she has been to the best parties in the world so HER PARTY has to be the top of the top, AND IT TRULY IS! Everyone started dancing, playing and singing in the foam, it was so much fun! Best party of my life! Once the show was over she did a quick meet & greet with just die-hard Little Hiltons, and she gave us some presents like her new fragrances and t-shirts. The party was so insanely good. I literally did not want the night to end.

Life changing experience


I still cannot believe this all happened in just a weekend, Paris really made me feel like if I was part of her family. Paris and Chris treated me like if I was an old friend of them, I will never forget this experience. It truly changed my life forever. Paris means so much in my life, like I said in my article ('HOW BEING A PARIS HILTON FAN SAVED MY LIFE', Paris is truly one of the reasons why I feel like I'm such a strong person now, I used to be scared of everything, but Paris Hilton gave me the confidence that I never had growing up. She is the best role model in the world, she taught me everything about working hard to achieve my dreams, believing in myself and always being nice to people. I literally could write another 50 pages to this article about how much I adore Paris Hilton and why I believe she is the best role model in the world, but I think her actions speak louder than words, she is an incredible philanthropist, business mogul, DJ, singer, model, jet setter, entrepreneur, feminist, animal advocate, pop culture icon, and the list doesn't stop there... I love PARIS HILTON!

Thank you so much Paris!

Paris Hilton made all my dreams come true, I still cannot believe that what I wrote in this article actually happened to me and that I got to spend so much time with my idol. I don't know of any celebrity that loves her fans as much as Paris Hilton. She is just genuinely sweet and amazing and truly wants to make her fans happy. She just simply made me the luckiest and most blessed boy in the world.


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