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This is the story of how I went from a tramatized kid to a proud Paris Hilton

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Humans are in the constant need to have someone to look up to, some people idolize scientist like Albert Einstein, some others follow politicians like Justin Trudeau or religious leaders like Pope Francis...

In my particular case, my idol is not being followed by millions of people because she runs a country, or because she solved a mathematic equation...

My idol is in fact a CELEBRITY...

I know, when I say the word 'celebrity' people assume I'm stupid because... I mean, what do celebrities do besides shopping and going to parties?

Well... My idol is not your regular celebrity, she is so much more than that...

Her name is Paris Whitney Hilton, she is a billion dollar business mogul, entrepreneur, singer, DJ, philanthropist, best-selling author, model, song writter, producer, jet setter, influencer, marketing genious, pop culture icon, internet phenomenon, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON...

She became the world's most famous blonde after she became the pioneer of reality TV with her show 'The Simple Life'. Her charming and comedic antics on the show made her a household name.

I come from a disfuctional home, my father had an addiction problem so there was always physical and emotional violence at home, since I was a little kid, I remember hiding in my room to scape from my dad's violent attitude.

One night, while my mom was crying waiting for my dad to come back home, I remember sitting on the couch in front of the TV. 'The Simple Life' was on FOX, I remember that night like it was yesterday, I watched the entire episode, seeing that funny blonde girl named Paris on TV made me forget about the problems around me.

That same night after the show ended, I ran to my computer and googled her name, and started reading everything about her, article after article, photo after photo, I was only 7 years old and since that night I became her #1 supporter.

In 2005, Paris Hilton came to Mexico for the first time to promote her fragrance, and when I found out I asked my parents if I could go but they laughed at me saying that I had to choose between going to school OR flying to Mexico City. I was only 9 years old so they didn't let me go, plus, we didn't have the money to travel.

Paris Hilton has visited my country NUMEROUS times, and every times she comes I die inside because my biggest dream is to meet her. Even though things at home might not the best, Paris has always been there for me to make me smile and encourage me to follow my dreams, and of course, to make me smile.

So thanks to Paris, I started to study English as my second language, I got an scholarship to go to college and study a degree in International Business (because one day I want to help Paris keep expand her empire) and now I'm going to study abroad thanks to my hard work and good grades, but most importantly, because PARIS was there for me...

To pay for my trip I have numerous jobs, I used to work 12 hours a day as an Uber driver (one of the worst jobs ever, believe me), I would sell snacks and candy at school to classmates and teachers and I'm currently working at two call centers. Paris Hilton taught me to work hard if I want to make my dreams come true.

People on the internet often call me stupid for supporting Paris, but HELLO?!?!? most of my classmates and coworkers are sitting at home doing nothing with their lives, while I'm here working my ass off trying to make MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!

If I didn't have Paris Hilton in my heart, life would be so sad and boring, supporting her is my favorite thing to do, she always makes me smile, dance, and cry of happiness. I'm so proud of her and I cannot wait to FINALLY meet her this summer in Ibiza.

I'm writing this post to encourage people to follow their dreams, it doesn't matter where you come from, if you are poor or rich, if people don't support you, if you have a lame job or if people call you names. NEVER GIVE UP!!! its all about working hard so your dreams can come true!! LOOK AT PARIS!!! She went from a reality tv cartoon character to a billion dollar entrepreneur with more than 20 product lines!!

Paris Hilton taught me the most amazing work ethic and human values, I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for her. I will never stop supporting this legend and I'm proud to say that yes, I'M A PARIS HILTON FAN!

This is how Paris Hilton improved my life to the next level, she will always be part of my life and without her I probably wouldn't even know how to speak english. So stay strong and follow your dreams!

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