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Five Ways You Know Your Addicted To Social Media

Social Media is taking over so many lives, its like a drug and everyone is the addict.

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1. When you wake up and the first thing you do is check your social media.

You dont brush your teeth when you first wake up, You check social media and see everything you've missed while you were sleep.

4. When your up late hours on social media

Social media is so addicting that sometimes your up to the crack of dawn looking at pictures, pinning things, laughing at tweets or curving ugly boys in your dm's

5. When you and all your friends are together hanging out but your only on your phone

Friends will hangout and not talk to each other because they're to busy on social media. They even may share the photos with their friends whose right next to them.

7. You can't go to a restaurant without looking at your phone while looking at the menu

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TEXTING WHILE DINING - Janice Ridge (left), 61 from Seattle and her son, Trevor Lee Ridge, 25 from California, check their messages while dining at the Hummus Kitchen on 9th Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. Original Filename: IMG_0020.jpg

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