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    Experience Paris With Your Girl Friends

    As dating becomes harder, many people are realizing the deep value of their friendships. You don't have to be partnered to travel with your loved ones, head out on adventures with your closest friends! If you and your BFFs are planning your own Paris get-a-way and want something more than the well trod tourist routine, here are the websites you need to know about:

    1. Bonjour Paris, and Insider's Guide / Via is an all purpose, one stop, everything guide to Paris. Their Facebook news feed will send you to articles on where to buy a chic umbrella in Paris, which museums are having a free day, what exhibits are on, details for off the beaten path cafes and more. If you're headed to the City of Lights in the coming months, following their social media would be a great way to know what's going on and you might want to fit into your plans- and they don't post so often that you'll be forced to 'unfollow' them just so you can still see your friends' statuses in your newsfeed. Their website is well designed and easy to navigate. If you're going to use only one webpage to plan your trip, this is the one:

    2. Paris by Heart, Vacation Rentals / Via

    Paris by Heart is a vacation rental company with options for all budget ranges. On the website you can search by housing amenities you want (like a terrace, air conditioning, disabled access), by number of beds, or district of Paris. If you're traveling with your friends, you might not be comfortable sharing a bed and need to be sure that when a site lists how many people they can sleep at a unit, it doesn't assume two people to a bed. On the Paris by Heart website, you have access to tons of pictures of the rentals and will see for yourself the set up for sleeping.The company is family owned and has great customer service, so if you have any specific need to accommodate, just let us know.

    3. Distant Francophile- Guide to Travel in France / Via

    Distant Francophile is the go-to site for geeking out and loving all things French. The site owners are a husband and wife team of travelers/photographers from Australia and, obviously, Francophiles. In their own words "we adore sharing our love of France, and like to help people bring French inspiration into everyday life." Distant Francophile is all about getting you to Paris and what to do once your there, with a good eye toward fashion and food. In particular, check out their packing tips found on this blog post

    4. Kasia Dietz Workshops- Custom Tote Design

    Kasia Dietz / Via

    Of course you know all about the Parisian museums to tour, architecture to enjoy and food to fall in love with- those alone are reason to travel to Paris. If you and your friends are looking for a unique, off the beaten path activity for your stay, consider Kasia Dietz and her workshops designing custom totes or a Paris tour with an eye toward fashion. What she does is introduce clients to fashion brands that can usually only be found in Paris, or are manufactured in France. She is also a local handbag designer, with an eye on what's happening in the fashion world, and understanding what French fashion truly means. Most clients take a tour with her to learn more about unique French brands and labels, visit ateliers, meet other designers... and of course to shop. Each tour is catered to the specific client(s). She has a beautiful blog at and the workshops can be booked here:

    5. A French Frye in Paris- Walking Tours with Corey Frye

    Corey Frye / Via

    Corey Frye, photographer, travel writer and tour guide, has a beautiful site and social media compliment under the name French Frye in Paris. Even if you don't have your Parisian trip on the calendar, his blog is a wonderful read to virtually tour the city. Once you know when you'll be in town, shoot him an email: to set up your private and custom tour of Paris.

    6. Cooking Classes with la Cuisine Paris

    la Cuisine Paris / Via

    Many people find themselves falling in love with food while in Paris. It's even been said that 'food is the true national religion of France.' You'll inevitably want to bring home the delicacies you enjoyed but let's be honest, three day old pain au chocolat that's been packed in a carry on between your boots and cosmetics isn't appealing anymore. Trust me, I've tried it. Rather than trying to bring home an entire patisserie of joy, how about learning to make the treats at home? la Cuisine Paris offers cooking and baking classes in Paris, conducted in English. If getting your hands messy isn't your style and you'd rather focus on finding the very best of food, they also offer food-focus tours of the city.