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    5 Best Places to Have a Glass of Wine in Santa Cruz

    Fun and Inviting places to have a glass of wine while visiting Santa Cruz

    1. Vino Cruz-- Soquel Village (Main Street)

    Parisa Jensen

    If you want a great selection of local wines, stop by VinoCruz in picturesque Soquel Village. They offer a vast selection of all different types of wines, from Pinot Noir to Sauvignon Blanc. True wino’s will enjoy VinoCruz for both the wine selection and delicious homemade food that pairs well with the wines. Another Unique thing that you can do here is order half glasses of wine for half of the price, this allows you to try more wines! Which is never a bad thing….

    2. Armitage -- Aptos (Post Office Drive)

    Parisa Jensen

    If you want great wine….not just good wine, but great wine served out of real crystal wine glasses by a sweet lady named Jeannie who runs this small and intimate tasting room then look no further. Armitage is a local winery that specializes in Pinot Noir, a Santa Cruz Mountain classic. You won’t find better Pinot Noir in Santa Cruz. Plus, Armitage is the best place to chill while you wait for a table at the coveted, Santa Cruz favorite, Akira Sushi.

    3. Regale Winery-- Summit Road / Via

    If you want the whole winery experience, look no further than Regale Winery. Located at the summit of the Santa Cruz mountains modeled after a traditional Tuscan mansion, Regale has picturesque views of Monterey Bay. Regale wine is top notch, specializing in Pinot Noir and other reds. Although Regale does not have food, you can bring all of your own yummy snacks to accompany your wine in a more picnic style dining. Even if the weather is crummy, they boast a gorgeous indoor area on the second story-- same view but cozy! Be sure to call ahead before driving up because they are occasionally closed for weddings-- as we’ve found out the hard way a time or two.

    4. Stockwell Cellars-- Westside of Fair Ave.

    SantaCruz Sentinal / Via

    If you are visiting the famous Beach Boardwalk or Downtown Santa Cruz, Stockwells is just a short drive away, located on the upper West Side next to some delicious restaurants and bakeries Stockwells is a fun atmosphere with great wine. The building is an actual wine cellar with wine barrels covering the walls for a very authentic feel and atmosphere. Owned by husband and wife, you’ll find delightful wines, locales and regulares alike flock to this cozy, friendly winery.

    5. Abbot Square- Front and Copper Wine Bar in Downtown on Pacific Ave

    ViaMagazine / Via

    Families, friends, people of all ages are racing to the new hip place in town Abbot Square located in Downtown Santa Cruz. Abbot Square is the perfect place for everybody in your friend group to find something they like-- it’s an indoor/outdoor market filled with lots of yummy food, good wine, and creative cocktails. Front & Cooper is the signature bar (named after the adjacent streets) boasting craft beers, delicious wines (YUM!), and funky cocktails on an ever revolving menu.

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