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24 Dances That Look Just As Silly As Twerking (Almost)

That distinctive butt-wiggle is getting a lot of attention lately, but before you start yelling "get off my lawn," think back to the days when you used to dance. Hell, think about the dances you do right now. Aren't we all a little bit of twerk?

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22. Line dancing

Moves Like Travolta / Via

Okay, so this guy (John Travolta) actually seems to have it down, but that's kind of what he does (dances). You can't fool me. I've been to weddings. I've seen line dancing in real life.

The bottom line is, all dances, when they first come out, are likened to sex. And they're not sex. They're dances. They all look strange to the old bats like me, rise in popularity anyway, then are destined to be made fun of by the younger generations who in turn come up with their new dancing forms (The Twist, anyone? Disco?).

It's a beautiful evolution, really. Just keep it off my lawn, you damn kids.

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