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    18 Of The Best Excuses For Not Being Fitspiration Thin Ever

    Excuses, reality...same thing, right?

    Gosh, I'm so sick of this picture.

    Via Facebook:

    Aren't you sick of this picture? Maria Kang's claim to fame, the picture that launched 100,000 opinion pieces, love it or hate it, you've probably seen it. And if you're not fitspiration, should you even care? Well, aside from the overarching themes it plays in mainstream culture, it's also prompting some awesome responses. Turns out, a lot of people don't need an excuse.

    1. People who have a tiny elephant floaty

    2. People who wear their babies everywhere (or just somewhere, sometimes)

    3. People who like cookies in bed

    4. People who play the tuba

    5. People who volunteer

    6. People who love the beach and their bathing suits

    7. People who are okay with not being fitspiration thin

    8. People who like food

    9. People who are attaining other goals

    10. People just trying to survive

    11. People busy with their loved ones

    12. People looking to change the way the world thinks

    13. People who celebrate differences

    14. People busy being badass

    15. People who choose their health over their fitness

    16. People who just don't care

    17. People who are happy with themselves


    So, really, none of us need excuses, at all, do we? Life is beautiful, and diverse, and even if all those really old guys can deadlift a bluewhale, and the most adorable child on earth runs that race with no legs, you still don't have to be fit to be happy. And even if you love fitspiration and it motivates you to be a better you, sometimes loving yourself means taking a break, and sometimes it means pushing yourself past the limit. And that's up to you to decide.