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  • 20 Worst Soft Drinks in America

    There is a very interesting article Men’s Health where they list the “20 Worst Drinks in America” and pair the drink with a picture of its junk food equivalent and list a healthier alternative. Several of the drinks are shakes, coffee/hot chocolate drinks with cream or whipped topping, two energy drinks and two alcoholic beverages - all of which I would categorize as indulgence items that you consume for the taste and you know they are not healthy. There were a few surprises though, such as the bottle of Tropicana Twister being the “Worst Kid’s Drink” and the equivalent of 2 cans of Reddi-Whip. To quote the article it is “10 percent juice and 90 percent sugar laced with a glut of artificial flavors and coloring. You could actually save 200 calories by choosing a can of Pepsi instead.” Another was the “Worst Juice Imposter”, Arizona Strawberry Kiwi being the equivalent to 7 bowls of Fruit Loops and the article state it is “a can the size of a bazooka loaded with enough of the sweet stuff to blast your belly with 42 sugar cubes.”

  • A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words…

    To me this says, gee, what look should I go for? Marilyn Manson? A Geisha? How about the catwalk scene from “White Chicks”…I know…how about all of them! What does this picture say to you?

  • Sickly Thin Models Photoshopped to Look Healthy

    While it is had been publicized that magazines airbrush models and celebrities to look thinner, a trend that is not so well know is that magazines airbrush pathetically thin models to look healthy. For the full article see View Image ›

  • This Ruins Snow White and & Dwarfs for Me…

    Snow White and the & Dwarves was one of my favorite childhood movies - seeing this tatoo sort of kills that joy - it just isn’t right. It is going to give “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, its off to work we go” a whole different meaning now. I spotted this over at Oddee under “15 Crazy Butt Tatoos” and have decided to share my misery with the world. View Image ›


    This “Bayswater Ink Splattered” print bag by Mulberry is on sale at Net-A-Porter for $1,150.00. While there is a bit of Rorschach inkblot going on where it sort of looks like birds flying over trees, which could be kind of cool from a distance - up close it looks like a Bic went postal and sprayed all over the lower front of it.


    Fast-foodlike convenience is going green in the form of drive-thru recycling for aluminum cans. You drive in, pop the trunk and the attendant removes all of the cans and puts them on the scale then prints out a slip for you to take to the front office. The only time you get out of your car is when you go to the office to get your money. View Image ›

  • Satellite View of the Transocean Oil Slick in the Gulf of Mexico

    Transocean Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig Oil Slick, Gulf of Mexico, USA, originally uploaded by DigitalGlobe-Imagery. This is a 2.4 multispectral satellite view by taken on 4/26 of the oil slick after the explosion at Transocean Deepwater Horizon Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the attempted clean up. CNN is reporting that the Coast Guard estimates approximately 1.6 million gallons has spilled since the explosion. CNN is now reporting that it is now starting to hit the Gulf Coast in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi and that fishing and tourism will come to a halt in many areas. The article also indicated that Environmentalist Richard Charter of the Defenders of Wildlife organization said the extent of the damage the spill caused could impact the area for decades. See the full article at

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