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    10 Things To Love About West Hampstead, London

    West Hampstead's Decca Studios may have rejected The Beatles, but visit today and you'll find this slice of London more welcoming and friendly than ever.

    10. The excellent transport links

    Trains to central London, Kings Cross, Luton, Gatwick, St Albans, Richmond, Stratford and many other places from three West Hampstead stations.

    9. A thriving high street

    A high street full of independent shops, plus lots more on Mill Lane.

    8. A weekly Farmers' market / Via ParamountWestHampstead Facebook

    A fantastic market with fresh produce every Saturday.

    7. The great cucumber mystery of 2013

    Twitter: @EugeneRegis / Via @EugeneRegis

    Cucumbers started appearing in random places. The mystery remains unsolved.

    6. A delightful independent bookshop / Via

    West End Lane Books stock an excellent selection of books, stationary and gifts and host regular book groups too.

    5. Fantastic properties

    As a residential area it's home to many interesting properties, including several mansion blocks.

    4. Excellent restaurants

    Twitter: @TheWetFishCafe / Via @TheWetFishCafe

    The Wet Fish Café, Guglee, La Brocca, Ladudu... there is an endless supply of great local pubs, cafés and restaurants.

    3. West End Green / Via Danny Robinson

    A quiet space until the community gets together for local festivals!

    2. West Hampstead Life / Via

    Arguably the best hyperlocal blog in England, with tons of helpful information and interesting features.

    1. A community unlike any other

    Twitter: @marmitetoast / Via @marmitetoast

    A thriving, active and welcoming community. Check out #whamp on Twitter for a taster!