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9 Reasons You Should Be Grateful We Have Zero Alligators In Australia

Give me flesh-eating spiders and deadly jellyfish any day of the week.

No one is going to argue that Australia isn't home to some truly terrifying creatures, but we've got to say, alligators are scary AF.

1. Imagine having your school swimming carnival interrupted by a big ol' scaly boy.

2. Theme parks – places of whimsy, wonder and thrills – where the only thing scarier than the the reptiles.

3. A shopping trip can be traumatic enough as it is, let alone when your local corner store is overrun with alligators.

4. Busting to use the dunny and finding a living dino has beat you to it...

5. Being asked to clean the house can be a real chore – not to mention when there is a gruesome 'gator in your house.

6. Didn't grow up with a family swimming pool? Maybe it was for the best.

7. Think Sydney traffic is bad? Imagine chucking a 'gator into the mix. Gridlock for daaaays.

8. Guard dogs? More like, guard 'gators.

9. Most Aussies don't have basements, but if movies are anything to go by, they are the places of literal nightmares – throw an alligator into the mix? Cool, bye.

Think you're brave enough to live in a world overrun with alligators? Then check out Crawl, in Australian cinemas July 11th.

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