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10 Outfits From The Film "Babylon” That Prove It’ll Have The Best Onscreen Fashion Of The Year

It took 7,000 heavily researched costumes for 150 actors and more to capture the splendor and style of Hollywood. See them all for yourself in Damien Chazelle's stunning new epic Babylon, coming to theaters Dec. 23.

Starring Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, Babylon is a timeless epic about ambition, fame, and a whole lot of excess. Take a look at some of the amazing looks and costume design from the movie below, then get tickets to see it only in theaters on Dec. 23!

1. First and foremost, if you've seen the trailer, you must have noticed the beautiful red dress that Margot Robbie parties hard in.

Here's a close-up of it. Yup, even on the floor, it looks amazing.

2. Then there's this sparkling blue two-piece set. Wonder if those paparazzi are trying to take a picture of Margot Robbie or just that outfit.

3. There's also the incomparable Jean Smart nonchalantly wearing this fantastic headpiece.

4. And what about this stunning cheongsam, which is beautiful enough to stand out anywhere, but especially at the shirtless pool party Li Jun Li seems to be attending.

5. She's also got this sleek and chic outfit, which is probably a show costume, but may make you want to go buy a suit anyway.

6. There's also this classic tux that's the perfect party attire for Brad Pitt.

7. The men in this film aren't to be outdone. Check out Jovan Adepo's suave three-piece suit.

8. And Brad Pitt's lovely white sweater and collared shirt combo.

9. It's not all glitz and glam though. Some of the outfits are more cool and casual, like Margot Robbie's overalls. (And for some BTS trivia, Margot’s character is inspired by Clara Bow, who was known to wear overalls!)

10. There's also some fun costumes within the film, like Brad Pitt's knight look here.

So basically, if you like fashion or costumes...or even just movies at all, you've got to check out Babylon in theaters Dec. 23. Get your tickets now!

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GIFs via "Babylon" trailers, Thumbnail images via trailers or Paramount Pictures

11. 7000 costumes 150 speaking parts that required their own unique looks