Brewers catcher hits the cover off the ball.

There's an old saying in baseball, "He knocked the cover off the ball." In almost all cases this is purely metephorical to describe a hitter making incredible hard contact with ball, which usually results in a homerun. This situation can be seen played out in the classic baseball movies The Sandlot or The Natural. On Friday night, Milwaukee Brewers back-up catcher Martin Maldonado did it for real. He did it on a grounder to third base. Amazingly, had the ball stayed intact he most likely would have been thrown out at first. However, since the ball had a new tail flapping in the wind it was impossible for the Pirates third baseman to throw it effectively to get the out; the ball bouncing about three time before reaching its intended target. Maldonado was safe, and a run was scored on the play earning him an RBI. As the announcers said, you will probably never see something like this again.

ParagonKnight14 • 4 years ago