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15 Wonderful Shopping Destinations In India That You Shouldn't Miss

Shopping amongst India’s dizzying options is definitely overwhelming. Whether it’s the opulent fascinating handicrafts of Rajasthan, the upscale boutiques in Delhi or even the typical traditional handicrafts and spices of Kerala, you have plenty of places to give vent to your shopping fantasies in the country

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Though it is not humanely possible to classify all the exotic shopping destinations in India, we have made an attempt to cover most of them. So, are you ready to fasten your seatbelts and go on a mesmerizing ride of the various shopping destinations in India? Here we go…

1. A Wholesome Experience of Shopping in Kolkata

Maritime Haftek / Via Flickr

If you are visiting the beautiful city of Kolkata during your India tour, then shopping should definitely be on your mind.

Head to the Gariahat Market, a major shopping area consisting of a long serpentine road where you can shop for jewelry, clothes, electronic items, saris and even pets. There are plenty of makeshift stalls and small shops where you can bargain, and even big malls where prices are fixed.

2. Plethora of Gold, Diamonds and Precious Stones in Jaipur

(vincent desjardins) / Via Flickr

If you love jewelry and want to buy precious or semi-precious jewelry, Kundan, thewa jewelry and diamond, then head to Johari Bazaar when in Jaipur. The scintillating array of precious stones, bangles, chains, anklets and other jewelry is definitely captivating.

3. Book Lovers, this way please to Delhi Book Market

Koshy Koshy / Via Wikimedia

If you are a book lover and would love to immerse yourself in ancient classics, rare novels and magazines, then you must head to the Daryaganj book market in Delhi.

The market is open on all Sundays and you can buy books from over 200 vendors. They are so cheaply priced that you can buy magazines and journals for just Rs. 10.

4. Laad Bazaar in Hyderabad…Bridezillas, are you Listening?

Cephas 405 / Via Wikimedia

Laad Bazaar, also known as Choodi Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in Hyderabad for bangles, bangles and more bangles! The bazaar is always crowded with people as it is located near a very popular spot in Hyderabad, the Char Minar.

An interesting fact about the bazaar is that it has been around for centuries and reflects the pride of a bygone era, mainly the Qutub Shahis and Nizams.

5. The shopping Carnival at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Karan Patil / Via Flickr

The street shopping destination at Mumbai is extremely popular among tourists who don't mind walking and browsing through various shops selling all sorts of knick-knacks.

If you are tired, from a hard day's work of shopping, you can head to one of the many restaurants or cafes and chill out with good food and drinks.

6. Get High on Fashion at Fashion Street, Mumbai

Vishalngp / Via Wikimedia

A person who has visited Mumbai will not return without visiting Fashion Street in Mumbai. It lives up to its name too, with more than 150 stalls selling high fashion western clothes for teenagers and youngsters.

Name it and you get it here, even clothes with fake brand names at affordable rates. Fashion Street definitely has an irresistible charm that makes your shopping memorable.

7. Anjuna Flea Market of Goa

Bernard Oh / Via Flickr

If you happen to be in Goa on a Wednesday, then you must head to the Anjuna flea market near Anjuna beach. It attracts tourists in large numbers because of the wares displayed. The market is open from October to March, from 8 in the morning.

You can see a lot of hippies and backpackers there as the flea market is their favorite hangout. You can also explore the beachside shopping precincts and shop for colorful beaded jewelry, antiques and artefacts.

8. T. Nagar Shopping for some Exclusive Clothes in Chennai

McKay Savage / Via Flickr

Chennai is brimming with shops, shops and more shops! T-Nagar is famous for its silk Kancheepuram sarees and other ethnic wear. There are also some famous jewelry shops that you must visit. You must also visit the Saravana stores to shop for clothes, utensils and more.

9. Big Branded Clothes Awaiting You at Chennai

Ravichandar84 / Via Wikimedia

Pondy Bazaar located in Thyagaraya Road in Chennai is the ultimate destination for clothes shopping in Chennai. Here you get all the best brands like Raymond, Reebok, Levis, Nike, Levi Strauss & Co., Color Plus and Globus at affordable rates.

10. Spices and Handicrafts Shopping in the Hill Stations of Kerala

Luke Appleby / Via Flickr

Shopping in Kerala is as exciting as you can imagine it to be. When you visit the hill stations like Munnar, Thekkady, Idukki and Wayanad, you can shop for aromatic tea leaves and powder.

Being a 'land of exotic spices', the hill stations in Kerala offers a plethora of options in spices and you can cinch them right from where they are grown. You can get high quality tea from the tea estates, and even savor the tea to know which flavor to take home.

11. Antique Shopping in Jew Market, Kochi

Adams Homestay Cochin / Via Flickr

If you are mesmerized by the horde of antiques and the magnificence of wood carving in Kerala, then you would want to take back home some, wouldn't you? The ideal place to shop for those would be the Jew Street in Cochin.

You can buy antique jewelry, pieces of crockery, wooden furniture and other curios here. It is also the best place to spend in Cochin.

If you are in the mood for some Kathakali (one of the most admired classical art forms of Kerala) masks, then you can get them in any of the certified handicrafts shops throughout Kerala. There are a large number of government emporia and private shops selling wooden Kathakali masks.

12. Saree Shopping at Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi in Kerala

mimi anderson / Via Flickr

In Kerala, women are characterized by the kasavu set saree that they wear. Though women rarely wear these sarees on a daily basis, you can still see them in this ravishing attire on special occasions like Vishu and Onam. Kerala has some shops that sell typical Kerala sarees and you can go shopping for some matching antique jewelry to top it off.

13. Tradition, Monuments and Something more in Rajasthan

Andrea Kirkby / Via Flickr

Rajasthan is home to several colorful markets where you can buy ethnic apparel, jewelry, handloom and more. If you are looking for authentic, traditional miniature paintings to adorn your home, then Hathi Pol Bazaar in Rajasthan is the perfect place to stop by.

The intricate miniature paintings would definitely cheer your heart. You might also want to stop by Mahatma Gandhi Road to browse through typical Rajasthani textiles and footwear.

14. Sweets, Sandalwood and Handicrafts Galore in Mysore

Brian Snelson / Via Wikimedia

Mysore is a shopper's delight with emporiums and handicrafts shops everywhere. You can buy all sorts of ethnic goods and gifts at Mysore, not to speak of the amazing varieties of stone sculptures, incense sticks and paintings. And don't forget to savor the Mysore pak and other sweet delights that you have been hearing so much about ever since you landed in Mysore.

Mysore silk is extremely popular so you can buy ethnic sarees with super fine silk coming in lovely shades of magenta, yellow, blue and other vibrant hues. There is a huge selection of Mysore handicrafts where you get to shop for ethnic wall hangings, paintings, wooden statues, sculptures and more.

You would also enjoy visiting the Devaraja Market, a bazaar believed to be functioning right from Tipu Sultan's reign.

15. Ancient Crafts and Printed Fabrics await You at Gujarat

ashwinrb / Via Wikimedia

When you are headed to Gujarat, you must definitely consider Ahmedabad as your prime shopping destination. Some of the Gujarat specialties that you can carryhome are cloth toys, Patola silk sarees, traditional gaghracholis, wall hangings, embroidered footwear, embroidered quilts and if you travel in a vehicle, a few lacquer furniture as well.


India is a treasure trove of authentic delights that date back to ancient times and a diverse collection of irresistible modern goods. Each state reflects the authenticity and flavor of that particular culture and region, so you can get attractive souvenirs for your family and friends.

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