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    How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

    A list of helpful tips to get you back into reading!

    1. Read a children's or middle-grade book

    Sometimes, you just can't get into the book you want to get into, because it may look too big to achieve or too difficult. Reading a children's or middle grade book is very helpful for situations like this. They are funny, and they aren't too big or difficult to read.

    2. Re-read one of your favourites

    If you just can't get back into reading, sometimes the best thing to do is read something you know that you love. Reading a book that you have already read and loved can make it easier to get back into reading other books afterwards.

    3. Listen to an audiobook

    This is the best way to get back into reading if you are busy, or aren't that fast of a reader. Listening to an audiobook is helpful, because you don't have to actually be reading a book. Sometimes it's just much more practical, because you can listen to it at different places than to where you would read a physical book.

    4. Read a contemporary or romance book

    Sometimes reading a cutesy love story is the best thing to read to get out of a reading slump. They pretty much always have a happy ending, which leaves you in a happy mood to read more books. The only problem with doing this is that you can become addicted to reading contemporary books (which isn't really that bad!)

    5. Watch your favourite book-to-movie adaptaion

    If you are in a really bad reading slump, you might not want to read at all. If this is the case, watching a great book to movie adaptation like Harry Potter or The Fault In Our Stars can get you back into the mood to read.

    6. Watch Booktube

    If you are looking for a new book to read, and you can't find anything, this is the best place to go. Watching booktubers talk about books is great, because they give you good reasons to read and they always have new books to recommend.

    7. Read a short book

    Reading a short book is great for getting out of a reading slump, because you don't feel like you have a heap of pages to go. When you have finished it, you feel better, because you know you have read something.

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