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World Leaders Ranked By Strength

Geo-politics are complicated. Whatever happened to the good old days when bands of tribal humans settled their differences with a show of strength? Well here's what the landscape of world power would look like if we still did things the old fashioned way.

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6. Germany

galebourn / Via

Germany doesn't make women like Angela Merkel anymore. It's that East German toughness, you know? Merkel is definitely stronger than she looks, and could totally beat you in arm wrestling. Plus she knows how to slice your meat just right. (Can't get that image out of your head, now, can you?)

5. North Korea

Jeffro1265 / Via

I know it's crazy to think of North Korea as a world power, but just look at Kim Jong-un. Put him in a wrestling ring with most any other world leader, except the ones on this list, and it's no contest.

3. Mexico

Presidencia de la República Mexicana / Via Flickr: presidenciamx

Mexico's president Enrique Peña Nieto might not look like much, but he's younger than a lot of the leaders on this list, and he's scrappy (we think). Anyone who wears a sash everywhere has got to be, right?

2. United States

neyo / Via

Barack may be tall, but when it comes to physical strength there's no doubt Michelle has him beat. I mean look at her, she's built. She probably just hangs out at the White House gym all day and spots Joe Biden.

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