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17 Gifts For The Film Buffs On Your List

Here’s the thing about your averaged film buff: if they want a movie they will buy it for themselves. So here are some ideas for creative gifts.

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1. Carrie Film Screen Printed Poster


2. Vintage Hollywood Movie Projector Table Lamp


3. The Ultimate Movie Room Decal


4. Pulp Fiction Decorative Throw Pillow


5. Needle felted Ludo from The Labyrinth


6. Stand by Me Vintage Style Poster


7. Ferris Buellers Day Off Quote Poster


8. Dirty Dancing Film Quote Pillow


9. Ghostbusters II Ray's Occult Books Movie T-shirt


10. A Clockwork Orange Poseable Artist's Doll


11. Fight Club - Very Strange Time cross stitch


12. Mr and Mrs Frankenstein Monster and Bride of Frankenstein mugs set


13. The Goonies Minimalist Poster


14. The Hangover Onesies


15. Kill Bill Poster


16. Jaws Print


17. Saint Audrey Hepburn Prayer Candle


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