The 22 Oddest Handmade Things On Etsy Right Now

Here are some of the creepiest offerings available on etsy right now! Heads up, you can’t un-see these things and they may haunt your dreams.

1. Anthropomorphic Oddity Sculpture

2. Real Rib Bone and Vertebrae Crown

3. Real Human Molar Tooth Ring

4. Prohibition Taxidermy Duckling Couple

5. Real Skull Fascinator Hair Comb

6. Quilled Veins of the Head

7. Cthulhu Cultist Portable Altar

8. Sheep Skull in a Fascinator

9. Daphne and Hortense Parasitic Twin Doll

10. Creepy Skeleton Necklace

11. Two Headed Skeleton Art Print

12. Killer Rabbits on the F Train Photograph

13. Rattlesnake Vertebrae in Glass Pendant

14. Taxidermy Raccoon Head

15. Wisdom Tooth Tentacle Pendant

16. Turkey Heart Macabre in a Anatomy Specimen Jar

17. Conjoined Twins Necklace

18. Shakespearian Rat Taxidermy Diorama

19. Squirrel Nose Sculpture Necklace

20. Ashlikken Found Object Assemblage Sculpture

21. Iris Krankenschwester Doll

22. Grotesque Head Sculpture

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