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    22 Adorable Handmade Woodland Animals You Can Own

    Here are some of the down right cutest handmade woodland animals money can buy.

    1. Needle Felted Sleeping Fox

    2. Needle Felted Chipmunk

    3. Hedgehog in a Garden Print

    4. Drumming Squirrel Onesie

    5. Baby Raccoon Hat Set

    6. Bunny Slippers for a Baby

    7. Deer girl with puppet - Plush Doll Pattern

    8. Bunny Rabbit With Carrots Necklace

    9. Raccoon Art Print

    10. Deer Fox Bunny Mobile

    11. Deer and Butterfly Pillow Cover

    12. Woodland Animal Family - All Wood Toy Set

    13. Custom Squirrel Nameplate

    14. Mama Black Bear and Cubs Art Print

    15. Deer Embroidery

    16. Birds - PDF Embroidery Pattern

    17. Raccoon Sewing Pattern PDF

    18. Black Bear Cub - Watercolor Print

    19. Needle felted Bunny Mobile

    20. Hedgehog Soap

    21. Black Bear Necklace

    22. Hedgehog Ring