17 Marvelous Handmade Things Using NASA Images

Did you know that all of those amazing images NASA takes are available copyright free? Well, these Etsy sellers know it and they are using them in amazing ways!

1. Galaxy Ukulele

2. Hubble Lollipops

3. Inspirational Quote Poster

4. Saturn Image in a Silver Embroidery Hoop

5. Galaxy Dress

6. Mars Curiosity Dress

7. Space Nail Decals

8. Galaxy Leggings

Via http://Galaxy%20Leggings

9. Hubble Galaxy Printed Hand Bag

10. Nebula Space Pendant

11. Apollo Cockpit Necktie

12. Space Spiral Cufflinks

13. Triangle Canvas

14. Earth Aluminum Print

15. Astronaut in Space Pillow Cover

16. Pinwheel Galaxy Pillow Cover

17. Spiral Galaxy Seen Through A Porthole Vinyl Wall Decal

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