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    17 Gifts For Your Stoner Friend

    No matter if they live in a place where pot is kind of legal or a place where they have to keep their freak flag hidden, here are some gifts the stoner in you life might really enjoy.

    1. Best Buds small art print

    2. Moustache Stash Jar

    3. THC Molecule Necklace

    4. Gear Trinket Stash Box Pendant Necklace

    5. Slide Top Tin Galaxy Stash Box Necklace

    6. The Neverending Story Hollow Book Secret Stash Box

    7. Glass Pipe Poster

    8. Weed Jesus phone case

    9. Round Metal Frames with weed embellishments

    10. Cannabis Earrings with peach flowers

    11. Cute Kitty Cat with Bubbles 4 Piece Grinder

    12. R2D2 Art Pipe

    13. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ceramic pipe

    14. Octopus Hand Blown Glass Pipe

    15. Secret Pocket Mini Skirt

    16. Leather Cuff with Secret Pocket

    17. boy shorts underwear with pocket