16 Of The Most Surreal Handmade Home Decor You Can Own

These surreal items might verge on the edge of psychedelic but they are all to real. They are the perfect way for you to bring the mind altered into your home without breaking any laws.

1. Candlesticks Twin Squid Sculpture

2. Rock god - John Lennon / Shiva Poster

3. Wall Hand Hooks

4. Amphibian Gasmask Shower Curtain

5. Face Sculpture Teapot

6. Golden Horse Girl Hybrid Sculpture

7. Moon Goddess of Mystery Psychedelic Tarot Art

8. Josephine Baker Lamp Shade

9. Black Light Hand Painted Mannequin

10. Upcycled Decorated Rotary Phone

11. Psychedelic Spiral Print Cushion Cover

12. Galaxy Lion

13. 3D Laser Crystal Paperweight

14. Melting Clock for Shelf or Mantel

15. Clay Mosaic Ceramic Tea Set

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