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11 Things Every Book Fair Day Lover Will Remember

Those erasers tho.

1. The anticipation.

2. The magic of seeing your gym or auditorium transformed into a book heaven.

3. The SMELL.

4. The super-thin, pretty paper that the book catalogs were printed on.

5. Circling the books you wanted on the sheet and handing it to your mom.

6. Wanting all the books that came with instructions and supplies on how to make fun crafts.

7. Playing with all the colorful little erasers that looked like cars and dinosaurs and stuff.

8. The feeling of being a total winner when your parents signed you up for a book series subscription.

9. Grabbing a giant pile of books and sitting down to start reading right there at the fair before your parent could even pay.

10. Comparing your haul with your friends' hauls.

11. And the intense excitement you felt when it was finally time to go home and read.