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    • papataytay

      As a survivor of the Joplin tornado two years ago today, all I can say is wait. There are tons of people who are volunteering and donating in Moore now. If you want to help, set a reminder two months from now, one year from now, when the media has left and people are still struggling with the reality they have been dealt. Wait until people have found places to live but don’t know how they are going to buy diapers, or food because of expenses they could never perceive from losing everything they have ever worked for. Losing everything to mother nature is tough because there is no one to blame, no one to be angry with, no one to hold accountable. Now to the people in Moore If the devastation here has taught me anything it is that the human spirit can accomplish anything. Stay strong and keep fighting because it is a long road to recovery and believe me it isn’t easy. You will still shake every time there is lightning. You will still cry every time you see such devastation in a place people call home. Never give up hope on that home. Moore will rebuild and be stronger than ever before. Take it from someone that knows.

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